Deadpool: 7 Stunning Facts About The Transformed Wisecracking Mercenary

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While comic characters may share one or more features with one another, each of them has a distinguishing feature for which they are known. for Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld’s fan-favorite anti-hero creation, Deadpool, it is his chatterbox of a mouth with which he does his incessant quipping, hence the Alias “Merc with a mouth.” That, of course, is just one of the numerous aliases that Wade Wilson has taken up since he became transformed from a dying cancer patient to a seemingly immortal superhuman mercenary with super strength and an impressively fast regenerative healing factor, among his other capabilities. We discuss seven stunning facts about Deadpool in this article, keep reading.

7 Stunning Facts About Deadpool – The Transformed Wisecracking Mercenary

1. He Hated Himself In His First Live Adaptation

Since the character made his first appearance in Marvel Comics’ The New Mutants in February 1991, he has been featured in several comic publications but he did not get a live adaptation on the big screen until he was brought to life by actor in the 2009 fourth installment of the X-men series, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sadly, the things that define Deadpool like his red suit and mask as well as his legendary mouth, were disregarded in the film and replaced with his mouth sewn shut, they gave him a bunch of other mutant powers that just didn’t cut it. Fans hated it, and so did Ryan Reynolds.

2. Deadpool Chose Ryan Reynolds

Way before the X-Men Origins: Wolverine saw the light, Deadpool had described his own disfigured appearance as a cross between “Ryan Renolds” and the rare wrinkled dog breed Shar-Pei. Reynolds’ name had been misspelled as Renolds in the 2004 publication of the Cable & Deadpool series but Deadpool’s comparison was spot on as the actor was seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine portraying the character as if he was born to do it. The actor has reprised the role two subsequent times after that, in Deadpool and its sequel, Deadpool 2.

3. Deadpool Is Pansexual

Many fans of the Deadpool have been curious about the facts and status of the antihero’s sexuality; as such, they have speculated severally about the character’s sexual orientation over the years. Some have called him heterosexual while others think he is homosexual. His creator, however, has confirmed that he is of whatever sexual orientation he chooses to be at a particular time. In other words, Deadpool is not for one but all, sexually speaking.

4. He Started As a Supervillain

Another interesting fact about Deadpool is that he hasn’t always been characterized as an Anti-hero. He was initially written as a supervillain in the days of The New Mutants and in some issues of the X-Force comic book publications. He was also not supposed to last this long but was originally intended as a mouthy come-and-go villain. However, his unorthodox ways gained him popularity among readers and he gradually evolved into the character we know today.

5. Incessant Breaker Of The Fourth Wall

The fourth wall is basically described in theatre as an unseen wall between actors and the audience. Audiences can see through this wall but actors are supposed not to. This extends to books as well as television films and co. However, another interesting fact about Deadpool is that our dear Mr. Pool breaks this wall as often as he sees fit and speaks directly to his audience, both in comic books and on-screen.

This fourth wall-shattering gimmick was first introduced by comic book writer Joe Kelly in the late 1990s but it was the writer who took over from him, Christopher Priest, that made it a Deadpool thing.

6. Master Of Many Tongues

Deadpool is a character with many endowments but in addition to his strength, agility, long life, healing factor, swords/gunmanship and all the other skills he is known to have, there is another skill he possesses which is about as useful as the others but isn’t talked about as much, and that is the skill of many tongues. The wisecracker speaks five different languages fluently, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese and American Sign Language. So he can communicate with a wide array of people including deaf people.

What’s more, he can pronounce his favorite food, Chimichangas, in seven different languages.


7. Phobia and Weaknesses

Saying that Deadpool has been through a lot of difficult situations would be putting it mildly, and the one thing he takes away from his previous pains is the fact that he seemingly has no weaknesses and fears nothing. But that is not completely true, he has one fear, albeit irrational, and that is the fear of cows. Furthermore, his healing ability is weakened in the presence of Gamma Radiation but his one true weakness is said to be kittens.

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