‘Dear White People’ Season 4 Release Date and Characters We Want to See

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To the lovers of the Dear White People, your favorite show will not fail to drop by in the year 2020. The all interesting TV series coined from Justin Siemen’s feature film of the same title is set to grace our screens again with even more interesting developments. It was confirmed on October 2nd that the Netflix comedy-drama has been renewed for a fourth season. Viewers of the show have been all agog over this news and are more or less bombarding the internet with questions regarding the exact date of its release and likely changes or adjustments. The not so good news here, however, is that Dear White People Season 4 is going to be the final season. Find out more as you scroll through.

The Premise of Dear White People

Dear White People first hit the screens in 2014 as an independent film, also written and directed by Justin Siemen. Following its very impressive ratings and outstanding viewership, Siemen proceeded to create a TV series with the same plot from the film. Telling fictional stories of black college students in Ivy schools, the two productions shed light on experiences of black students in white-dominated schools.

The show’s ability to reflect issues of race in contemporary American society in a comic way truly deserves to be commended. Viewers of the Dear White People are not only excited about its return but are also anticipating a return of their favorite characters. But before walking that path, find out when the unique comedy-drama will be released.

When Will Dear White People Season 4 Be Released?

The fourth season of Dear White People will be the last according to Netflix. This simply means that Reggie Green and his counterparts will be having one more semester to spend at Winchester University. Graduation is close at hand and fans are more than ready to journey with the students until the very last day. The third season of the show which premiered on August 2, 2018, had received discouraging ratings unlike the first two, leaving many disturbed about the possibility of another season.

Viewers must have thought that Netflix was on a hot seat as a result of the unforeseen development and is probably undecided about what to do next about it. However, the company surprisingly renewed the show for a fourth season. Fans of the show were indeed left in awe when the main cast of the show announced its renewal through a Facetime group video started by Marque Richardson.

The exact release date for Dear White People Season 4 has not been revealed but we are certain that the fourth season will air in 2020. It will be another 10 episodes filled with adventures of the average black college student. While fans are getting ready to say their final goodbyes to Samantha Banks, Troy Fairbanks and the rest, some sources are speculating a possible spin-off or something of the sort. But then, only time will tell.


Characters We All Want To Return

The showrunner remains Justin Simien and it is anticipated that he brings on his unique satirical presentation of the realities of life. Distinguished characters who keep the ball roiling are hoped to make a return in this goodbye season. Thanks to the show’s producers, this includes almost the entire cast.

Siemen is not the only one who deemed Brandon .P. Bell (as Troy Fairbanks) worthy of making a return. Brandon who reprised his role from the indie film continues to focus on his writing dreams against his father’s wish. It would really be interesting to find out how this family tussle ends in the final season.

We are also looking forward to seeing the bold, clever and fearless Samantha White (played by ) and her secret quest to uncover truths about Order X. White had started out with strong devotion to her controversial podcast ‘Dear White People’ which loudly frowned at racial persecutions against blacks in her school. But she seems to be more focused on her dreams of becoming a filmmaker. As graduation draws near, what would be the faith of the program in Dear White People Season 4? we hope to find out.

Furthermore, how will things end with Samantha and Gabe Mitchel (played by John Patrick Amedori) with regards to their love story?. Fingers are so crossed on these two and we would love to see how things play out between them in this next season.

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