Diana Melison – Everything To Know About The Film Actress

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Diana Melison is a woman who is into a lot of things. First of all, she is a film actress who is popular for appearing in movies such as Marshrut Postroen (2016) and Dizlayk (2016). Beyond that, she is even more popular as a social media influencer who has amassed great followership into the millions on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Melison is also a model and blogger.

Diana Melison Biography

Even though it is as Diana Melison that the actress is popular, she was born Anna Volkova in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 13, 1993.

According to her profile on the Russian social media site VK, she has three siblings – Nasty Ne-Khochu, Svetlana Bilyalova, and Anytka Skubko. More so, she studied Economics and Finance in college.

She first became popular as a result of a relationship she had with the photographer, Aleksandr Mavrin, who is popular for taking racy pictures.

While she was still with him, she had various shots with him and it was one of those pictures that she used in gracing her first magazine cover, “Faces”. That became the start of her journey to becoming famous. After that, she modeled for VKontakte T-shirts, wearing its branded shirts.

She also has a very young career as an actress, something that she began in 2016. However, she is only known for two productions that she was a part of. The first was a comedy horror thriller, Dizlayk, which was released in 2016. Her next appearance which was also in 2016, was in yet another horror thriller, Marshrut postroen. In the movie which was directed by the popular Russian director, Oleg Assadulin, she played the role of Lena.

Since after this, she has not popularly appeared in any film, hence many regard her as more of a model than an actress.

As regards her career as a model, Diana Melison is one of the most popular glamour models in her home country of Russia. She has worked with a good number of brands. The beautiful actress was made the brand ambassador of the American brand Guess in Russia. Guess is popular around the world and it has had many popular models including , , and working with it in the past.

Things To Know About The Film Actress

1. She once dated Egor Kreed

Diana Melison has been in a number of relationships in the past, but one of the most popular was with Russian rapper and songwriter, Egor Kreed. Although there is no actual information on how the two met, there are some reports that claim they met as far back as 2013 on the set of a photo shoot for a clothing line that they were both promoting.

Although it was claimed that the rapper worked very hard before finally getting the model to date him, the relationship did not last long; the two went their separate ways only 8 months into the relationship. According to the actress, the rapper was still not mature for the relationship at the time, most especially if they wanted taking it seriously.

2. Diana has a good social media presence

On social media, the Russian actress and model enjoys great followership. She has a massive 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 37,000 on Twitter.

3. She had a short career in the adult industry

Apart from just being an actress and a model, Diana Melison also had a rather short and quite career as an adult actress. That said, not too many people associate her with a career in the industry.

4. Diana is regarded as one of the sexiest models in Russia

Alongside other glamour models like Viki Odintcova, , and who has close to 10 million followers on Instagram, Melison is considered one of the best models in Russia. She is a popular face in the popular Secret Room in Moscow which is a hangout for the rich and famous kids in the Russian capital.


5. Height and Weight

While she is a very good looking woman with a nice body build which has helped her to succeed as a model, she may not be the perfect one for the runway most especially when you are looking for someone very tall. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6½ inches (1.69 m). Her body weight is 45 kg.

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