Elizabeth Kloepfer ‘Ted Bundy’s Ex-Girlfriend’ and The Truth About Her Relationship

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Ted Bundy’s life and the stories of what he did thereof is condemnable in every way possible. He kidnapped, raped, and murdered his victims with reckless abandon but amidst his ignoble acts, there were people he held dear to his heart. One such person was Elizabeth Kloepfer, his girlfriend whom he even maintained his relationship with while incarcerated.

Though the two were seemingly in love with each other at the time, the love that brought them together waned after some time. Elizabeth then made revelations in a tell-all book about who Ted truly was. Find out more about her and their relationship below.

Who’s Elizabeth Kloepfer, Ted Bundy’s Ex-Girlfriend?

From what we gathered about Elizabeth Kloepfer, she was born in the year 1964 and is reportedly from Ogden, Utah in the United States of America. When she met , she was a fresh graduate from Utah State University with a degree in Business and Family Life; a divorcee and a single mother raising a two-year-old girl. She later moved to Washington where she secured a secretarial job at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Sometime in October 1969, she met Ted in a Seattle bar named Sandpiper Tavern. Elizabeth recollected that Ted was sitting at the other end of the room well dressed. He approached her and asked her for a dance and it was from there that their relationship started. In that same night they met, Elizabeth took Ted to her home, he made breakfast the next morning and for the next weekend that came, the duo went on a trip to Vancouver.

The Truth About Her Relationship With The Murderer

Elizabeth Kloepfer’s relationship with Ted has been described as rocky and stormy but be that as it may, the two seemingly had a strong attraction to each other. Elizabeth disclosed in her book that she met Ted Bundy’s parents: Johnnie Bundy (an army hospital cook) and Louise Bundy (a secretary at the family’s Methodist church) just a few months after she and Ted began dating. As the two were head over heels in love, they even fantasized about their wedding and how many kids they were going to have.

However, despite these lofty plans of theirs, Elizabeth Kloepfer and Ted Bundy still felt they were not entirely compatible with each other. Ted later disclosed that they didn’t share the same interest in a couple of things. While Kloepfer loved to read, Ted would rather do something else than reading.

As time went on, the couple obtained a marriage certificate from a courtroom in February 1970 but following a fight they had a few days later, Ted shredded the paper to pieces. Nevertheless, they went on with their relationship which soon resulted in Elizabeth getting pregnant sometime in early 1972. While Ted was delighted to have fathered a baby, both of them knew the timing wasn’t right for them to nurse a child, thus, Elizabeth terminated the pregnancy.

Elizabeth Kloepfer’s Suspicion About Ted Bundy

All the while the two were living together, Elizabeth began to notice some behaviors about Ted which didn’t seem right. In one occasion, she saw undies of women and plaster of Paris in their home to which he confronted Ted. In response, he threatened to break her neck if she ever tried to tell anyone.

With this and several other anomalies she had been noticing about Ted, Kloepfer began suspecting Bundy and was worried greatly about him. Her suspicions grew when reports of a murder suspect that matched Ted’s identity started going round. The suspect according to news reports went by the name Ted, he drove a Volkswagen and had a plaster of Paris. This description in addition to the sketch of the suspect that the police made aptly matched Ted Bundy.

Elizabeth Kloepfer contacted the Seattle Police Department on August 8, 1974, and told them that her boyfriend matched the description of the murderer the police was after. The police told her to come to the station and file a complaint but at that instant, Elizabeth hung up the phone. For reasons yet to be ascertained, the police dismissed her complaint.

Not long after, Ted relocated to Utah and cases of people disappearing there began to increase. Elizabeth once again contacted the police, this time around the King County Police but they informed her that Ted Bundy had already been looked into as a suspect and cleared afterward as no iota of evidence was found in him.

The End of Their Relationship

The law later caught up with as he got arrested for attempting to kidnap a certain Carol DaRonch in March 1976. While on trial, Elizabeth Kloepfer maintained communication with Ted through a series of letters and visits. Whenever she visited him, she tried hard to believe his lies, that he was innocent of the charges leveled against him. But indeed, she knew better than anyone.

As his trial went on, Elizabeth began to distance herself from her murderous boyfriend. She ended their relationship officially in a tearful telephone conversation sometime in 1980. By 1981, she published a book titled The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy with the name Elizabeth Kendall. The book detailed her 6 years relationship with Ted Bundy and all that transpired. Later on, she agreed to a movie titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.

Despite the success and good reception both the book and film had, Elizabeth Kloepfer prefers to avoid publicity in every way possible.

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