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There is no arguing the fact that Erika Tham is a timely inspiration to many young girls, especially in this generation where awareness about female empowerment is a crucial issue. The actress is as diverse as they come as she has enough passions and interests to inspire almost anyone no matter their field of endeavor.

Erika has not been acting for very long but already, she has thrust herself into the limelight with some key roles in projects like Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop and Kim Possible. The actress is still a long way from where she wants to be though and she knows it and is not resting on her laurels. Here is everything we could find on Erika Tham’s life and her exciting career thus far.

Erika Tham’s Biography (Age)

The actress was born Jacqueline Erika Tham in Singapore. She came into the world just before the turn of the millennium, on December 15, 1999. There is almost no information about her life experiences during her formative years. However, it is known that she lived the life of a nomad. Growing up she lived in different countries at different points in her life: China, Thailand, and Canada among others.

No matter what part of the atlas she lived in, the youngster made sure to attend the IB International schools. While at the institution, she was very active in the school’s drama department and was involved in a myriad of plays and stage productions, a passion she stayed committed to through high school. Her constant movement turned out to be a gift as it exposed her to different places, people, and cultures and taught her how to adapt to different environments.

While she was living in China, she continued her involvement in theater and her consistency eventually paid off. She was giving one of her usual performances on Oliver Twist at the PLA Opera House which is located in Beijing when she was noticed for her performance. This led to her selection by the London Olympic Committee to play a crucial role in the 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremonies, where China handed over the Olympic torch to England.

As stated earlier, the actress is a bundle of talents and passions. As a kid, she had always had a deep interest in music. She went through training and by the age of 7, Erika was playing the guitar. She subsequently followed this up by adding ‘cello player’ to her musical repertoire. Her musical gifts would eventually make their way on to the set of Make It Pop where she got to play the violin.

In order to better her acting skills, Erika Tham enrolled at New York’s Stagedoor Manor and also attended ISTA in both Australia and Beijing. She obtained crucial training in the performing arts from all these institutions. Tham spent a few consecutive years attending performing arts summer camps in New York. In 2014, this constant exposure to acting saw her resolve to settle for acting as a career.

Erika made her foray into professional acting with Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special, a 2015 television film. She appeared as herself in the movie. The following year, she made a single episode guest appearance on family comedy series, The Other Kingdom. She played the character known as Quirky on the episode.

By this time, the actress had already joined the cast of Nickelodeon’s musical drama Make It PopShe got one of the lead roles playing Corki Chang. More admirable is the fact that she got this role from only her second professional audition. She was Corki Chang for 42 episodes of the series from 2015 to 2016.

In 2016, Erika Tham was on the short film, The Stanford Letters as a self-titled character. More recently, in 2019, she was Bonnie Rockwaller in Disney’s action comedy, Kim PossibleIn the same year, she joined the cast of the series Star, portraying the character Amber.

The Canadian Actress’ Family

Tham does not say much about her family. However, it is known that her father’s name is Cheng Tham. Her mother’s identity remains unknown. Also, it doesn’t get more multi-ethnic than Erika; she probably has more ethnic diversity in her blood than some soldiers have medals.

The actress’s father, Cheng is also of mixed heritage. He possesses Chinese and Malaysian heritage. Her mother shares the same characteristic; she comes from Dutch, Ukranian, and Canadian heritage. This means that Erika Tham is partly Dutch, Canadian, Ukranian, Chinese, and Malaysian.

The multi-ethnic diva, however, is widely referred to as a Canadian actress. This is owing to the fact that she spent a sizable part of her childhood in Canada, living with her mother in Ontario and London, a Southwestern City in Ontario.


Fun Facts About Erika Tham

1. Tham’s acting responsibilities never dented her school work. She maintained a 97 percent in school while working on the sets of different television projects.

2. She is a health and fitness enthusiast. Erika loves the sport of boxing and innovating new ways to exercise.

3. She has lived in various other countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

4. The actress loves to travel and spend time near the ocean. She is also an advocate of clean waters and oceans.

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