Every Which Way But Loose: Is There Going To Be A Remake Of The Classic?

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In 2017, there were reports that an Every Which Way but Loose remake was soon going to hit the screens. Obviously, it became big news for fans of the classic movie which although was not on the good pages of critics, still ended up being one of the most successful movies of the year, earning $85 million after it was released in 1978.

More than 2 years since Deadline reported that the film was going to be remade, there has been an overwhelming silence with nothing more said to that regard. For now, here is all you should know about the remake of the film.

Every Which Way But Loose

Directed by James Fargo, the 1978 movie tells the story of Philo Beddoe who is portrayed by . His character is a truck driver who also makes a living as a bare-knuckle fighter. He goes in search of a woman he loves, Lynn Halsey-Taylor, who disappeared on him.

Accompanied by his brother and manager, Orville Boggs as portrayed by Geoffrey Lewis and his pet orangutan named Clyde, he starts an adventure that would see him step on many toes, including that of a motorcycle gang, Black Widow from whom he collected bikes. He also stepped on the toes of a cop, Putnam and both the gang and the cop now want to have their revenge on him.

The film was written by Jeremy Joe Kronsberg and produced by Robert Daley. Although the portrayal of Philo by Eastwood is very much out of his normal roles, he still performed very well.

Is There Going To Be A Remake Of The Classic?

In January 2017, Deadline made an exclusive report that Every Which Way but Loose is on its way to be remade, close to four decades after the film was first released by Warner Bros. While it did not give details about the film, Deadline revealed that the original director of the film, James Fargo, is now the person who will work on its remake as the producer.

The original film featured cast members such as Sondra Locke who portrayed Lynn Halsey-Taylor, the love interest of Eastwood. Others are Beverly D’Angelo who portrayed Echo, Ruth Gordon as Ma, and the leader of the bikers, John Quade.

Anthony G. Cohen who has directed a number of works, including the 2017 movie, The Sex Trip, has been reported to be the person to direct the film. According to the report, Fargo had spent over a year trying to get a good director for the movie. He interviewed a few other directors before finally settling for Cohen after seeing his film, The Sex Trip. He said as soon as he saw the work of the director and writer, he knew immediately that he had got his man.

Since then, there is nothing more that has been said about the film publicly and two years later, there are questions on whether the film will still be remade. In the same way, things such as the release date and cast are not known. Although age has caught up with Eastwood who took part in the original movie when he was much younger, it is not known if he will take part in the remake of the film and the role that he will play if it is finally released.

Every Which Way but Loose Sequel

As stated, the film was a huge success even against the negative reviews it got, recording millions at the box office. More so, it had a sequel to it in 1980 under the title Any Which Way You Can. Among other films of Clint Eastwood, the piece and the sequel ended up among the highest-grossing.

More so, when adjusted because of inflation, the movie will end up as one of the highest-grossing films in history. Interestingly, before Eastwood was offered the role in the original film, was the first person considered but he turned it down and it went to Clint who said it was a role that did not get many people excited, but it still later worked.

More than a sequel, if the success of the film against all odds is anything to go by, then the movie deserves a remake. Nonetheless, there are very little indications even with the announcement, that there will be a remake of the film.

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