Everything to Know About Paradise Hotel and Why it’s Being Cancelled 

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Nothing really lasts forever but good things tend to have an even shorter life span than not so good things. Fox took its viewers to paradise for a few weeks and decided it is time to come back to reality, just like that. What makes this even more ironic is the fact that this is not the first time they would be doing this on this exact subject. You are probably wondering by now what this is about, the answer is Paradise Hotel.

It is a reality show that takes its participants and by extension, its viewers to paradise, but it has been canceled! Now, they would not just end something that good without cause right? The reason for the show’s cancellation as well as every other thing you need to know about it is what you are about to read in this article.

Why is Paradise Hotel Being Canceled?

The news of cancellation should not exactly come as a shock to anyone who is familiar with Paradise Hotel (more on this later). According to The Head of Alternative Entertainment at Fox, Rob Wade, the reason the show will not be coming back this time after its one-season run is because its performance was not up to their expectations.

2019 Paradise Hotel garnered moderate ratings at best and the network does not think there is a point to sticking it out when they can be making space for other shows. He also said the show’s cancellation has nothing to do with the fact that USA Network and CBS started airing their similarly-themed Temptation Island and Love Island respectively around the same time Paradise Hotel started airing.

Although two of the three aforementioned shows have now been renewed for a second season, and Paradise Hotel is obviously not one of them, it is important to note that Wade praised Mentorn, the production company behind the Fox show, he also mentioned that Paradise Hotel was very entertaining and that it made the network very happy. But we figure happy does not pay the bills, so it had to go nonetheless.

Everything to Know About the Show

1. What is the Show About?

Paradise Hotel revolves around a group of single people who check into a luxury hotel resort and compete to stay in the hotel. Kind of like Big Brother but with dating in mind because the participants pair up and share a hotel room together and whoever does not get a partner gets evicted while another single person comes to take their place.

While some of the contestants have stated that they have personal reasons for participating in the show like to find love or just to have fun, there is a cash prize to be won by the winner and that is the primary reason why most of them check in to Paradise Hotel.

2. It is a Reboot

The original show first aired on Fox in June 2003, and it ended in October of the same year after a 30-episode long run. The show came back for a second season in February 2008 and ran for 16 regular episodes and one reunion episode but this time. it was aired on Fox Reality Channel and MyNetworkTv, both Fox-owned networks. Both the first and second seasons were hosted by Irish TV Presenter, Amanda Byram.

The network decided to revive the show in 2019 and chose the eponymous star of E! Reality show, Very Cavallari as its host, hence the third installment of Paradise Hotel launched on May 9, 2019, and ended the following month after only seven episodes. The official news of the revival’s cancelation came on August 7, 2019.

3. There is Always a Winner

At the end of each season, the last couple standing is declared the winner and they can decide to do whatever they want with their cash prize. The winners of the 2003 version were Charla and Keith. For the second season, Zach and Stephanie were declared the winning couple and the 2019 winners were Bobby Ray and Tatum, although Bobby Ray opted to keep the $200,000 win for himself, leaving Tatum with nothing.


4. The Difference Between the Reboot and the Original Show

The 2019 show was still as wild as the first two, just a revamped version of them thanks to the all-round advancement that comes with time. But in addition to a generally better dress sense, among other things, viewers were also able to influence who gets to stay or leave through social media, the first two seasons didn’t have that.

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