Fear The Walking Dead Season 6: Everything To Know About The Next Release

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When it comes to dishing out hit theatrical films and television shows, there are only a few networks that can claim to have an edge over AMC. The network, in recent times, has produced several hit shows such as Lodge 49, The Terror, M*A*S*H, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and its sequel Fear the Walking Dead – the last two shows standing out of the lot for being the most successful.

Having premiered on August 23, 2015, Fear the Walking Dead became an instant hit on its release. Although it isn’t wrong to link its success to The Walking Dead (which was a global phenomenon), it is paramount to give due honors to its creators for coming up with a story different from its prequel while retaining its post-apocalyptic horror elements. An E online Award for “New Show you’re Most Excited to See” in 2015 was a signal to AMC that they were on the right track. The network has gone on to release four extra seasons and in July 2019, AMC wowed fans by announcing that the show has been renewed for its sixth season and filming was currently in the works.

Fear the Walking Dead Plot

Most sequels tend to tell a tale revolving around the life or adventures of a popular character in its prequel as a result of the cancellation, or in most cases, the character being too important to fans to be killed off. Fear the Walking Dead, however, begs to differ as it is in no way a continuation of the Walking Dead, given the fact that the later is still currently being run, it also isn’t based on any of the characters in its prequel.

That being said, the first four seasons of Fear the Walking Dead is based on a single theme – Survival. The story revolves around the adventures of a dysfunctional American family who has to work in close partnership with another to try navigating their way around Los Angeles while doing their possible best to evade zombies.

The show features a couple of already established Hollywood acts such as ( who plays the role of Madison Clark), (who appears as Alicia Clark), Lorenzo James Henrie (who appears as Christopher “Chris” Manawa) and Lennie James (as Morgan Jones) to name but a few.

Season 5 took a different turn as it laid emphasis on hope rather than survival. It sees Morgan take up a very difficult role as leader of the gang, thus, creating a rescue mission operation aimed at finding those who have survived the deadly apocalypse. As usual, there are lots of beautiful twists that make the tale suspense-filled.

Other Facts To Know About Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

  • Release date

There is currently no knowledge as regards when the new season will be premiered which most likely signifies that final touches are still being made. However, judging from the past flow of events (since season two of Fear the Walking Dead), there seems to be a pattern in place that sees a season being premiered in April and the next season in June. If that is anything to go by, we are placing our bet that its premier occurs in April 2020.

  • Trailer

As at the date of this post, AMC is yet to release an official trailer of the upcoming season, but trust us to give you an insight as to when it’s most likely to be released. AMC, in previous seasons, have released a trailer a month before its premiere. That being said, there is a tendency the trailer would be hitting the internet sometime in March 2020.

  • Spoiler alert!!!!

The upcoming Fear The Walking Dead season 6 is expected to be way darker than previous ones as writers have created a situation whereby our heroes find themselves in a position where they question all that they have achieved, thus, marking a change in their belief system.

  • Trivia

There are lots of expectations on the Producers to make the season more appealing and highly successful, given the fact that the previous season witnessed a staggering decline in the number of views (1.51 million as compared to 2.27 million recorded in season 4). The upcoming season is said to have been shot in Los Angeles, California USA.

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