Gianno Caldwell – Everything To Know About The Young Political Analyst

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Gianno Caldwell is gradually making a name for himself in the American political arena. His prowess in political issues cuts across many sectors in the economy and it is no surprise as he has been working as a government official from when he was a teenager. He has represented Illinois from the local level up to the federal level in Washington D.C and he is notable for the successful implementation of a number of commendable policies.

It is also worth knowing that the young man has established his own consulting firm called Caldwell Strategic Consulting. In addition to this, he is was named among the 2016 ”30 Under 30” list as compiled by Red Alert Politics. His expertise also extends to being a media personality and he is notable for his association with networks like CNN, FOX, BET, and Extra TV.

Biography Of Gianno Caldwell

Gianno Caldwell’s birth details show that he was born on the 27th of December 1986, in Chicago, the U.S.A. By virtue of his birth country being the United States of America, the young political analyst is an American citizen and his ethnicity is Black. Caldwell had to move over to his grandparents’ house when he was about 10 years old due to the fact that his mother was a drug addict. However, not much has been revealed about his father but from the look of things, his parents were not a big part of his formative years.

Living with his grandmother was a bit tough as she could barely cater to his needs. Gianno Caldwell had to look for a job during his teens and finally found one with the Social Security Administration. It was during his time there that he met a woman who loved him as his son and later became his mentor, guardian as well as god-mother.

Caldwell later went to Grand Canyon University where bagged a degree in Psychology. After that, he started to carve out a career in politics by taking up the position of Director of Government Relations in Naperville Township, Illinois. His main objective during his tenure was to formulate policies to reduce the cost of transportation, pension, taxes, and healthcare services in the community. He was able to successfully lobby for all these policies to be implemented in his local government. This later earned him the position of Legislative Liaison, working directly with the Illinois State Treasurer.

The young government official once again proved worthy of his appointment when he was able to get the Illinois government to invest in up-coming local ventures. With the successful execution of his propositions, the results achieved attested to the fact that Caldwell was definitely a bright young man. From that position, he was appointed a representative for Illinois in Washington, D.C.

The vibrant political analyst is a Republican who was very active in the U.S president, Donald Trump’s race to the White House. However, Caldwell cannot be described as an avid supporter of the incumbent U.S president as he has disagreed with some of his government tactics.

Other Facts About Gianno Caldwell

1. Gianno Caldwell wanted to be a preacher

During his early years, Caldwell had nursed the idea of becoming a pastor. However, fate had another plan in store for him as he ended up in an entirely different field. Not much has been revealed pertaining his initial decision to be a pastor but we can assume that it could be from being raised in the Christian way of life by his grandmother.

2. He is an entrepreneur

Gianno Caldwell stepped up in his career by establishing Caldwell Strategic Consulting. The firm has its headquarters in Washington D.C and they deal with issues that cover finance, energy, medical care, as well as local government affairs. They also extend their services outside government organizations to private companies and non-government establishments.

3. Gianno Caldwell is a media personality

The ambitious young man has also worked with a number of top media houses. Caldwell is notable for being on FOX Business Network, as well as Fox News Network where he showcased his expertise as a seasoned political analyst. He is also known for making appearances on channels like CNN, BET, and he reports for EXTRA TV during events like the Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globe and many more.

4. Cadwell has accumulated an impressive net worth

Gianno Cadwell is, by all means, living his dream life and his lifestyle is proof that he is very comfortable. His multiple streams of income come from his work as a political analyst, consultant, as well as TV personality. However, he is yet to confirm his salary figures and has not publicized his net worth for the public to know.

5. Marital status

It is very obvious that the political analyst is a dashing young man, however, on the relationship front, he seems to be keeping a low profile. Caldwell has not come out with facts about his relationship ever since he got into the limelight. Moreso, he has made it quite difficult to confirm his relationship status and some people have wondered whether he is gay. However, until he comes out and speaks on that, we know that Gianno Caldwell is not a married man nor is he in any known romantic relationship.

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