How Old Are Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband Paul, How Many Kids Do They Have?

Nancy Pelosi's Net Worth as of July 2024 is $120 Million

Quick Facts of Nancy Pelosi

Net Worth$120 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 4 in
Date of Birth26 March, 1940

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul make up one power couple to admire. While Nancy is more in the spotlight, thanks to her remarkable political achievements, her husband seems to be the kind of man who loves to play behind the scenes.

However, he is, just like Nancy, quite successful in his business career, making them an admirable duo for many couples.

Nancy’s is a name that will be associated with a number of firsts in the history of the United States Congress. She was first elected to the US Congress in 1987 to represent the 12th Congressional District in California.

Presently in her 17th term as Congresswoman, Pelosi is arguably the most powerful woman in Washington. Her husband, on the other hand, is a successful investor with his portfolio including stakes in sports franchises and media powerhouses.

What happened to Nancy Pelosi?

The U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on a trip to Taiwan and she met the political leader of South Korea in Seoul but she rejected making direct public comments with Beijing and Taipei which will increase regional problems.

How Old is Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband Paul Pelosi?

Born Nancy D’Alesandro on March 26, 1940, to Anunciata and Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Nancy is the last of seven kids and the only girl in the family. She was raised in Baltimore in a family of active politicians.


Her father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. was a three-term mayor of Baltimore and the city’s first Italian-American mayor.

Prior to his stint as the City’s Mayor, he represented Maryland’s 3rd congressional district from 1939 to 1947. Her mother was also an active mobilizer for the Democratic Patry.

Nancy attended High School at the Institute of Notre Dame, Baltimore. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Trinity Washington University.

Pelosi first came into the national consciousness when she was elected House minority whip in 2001, a position that meant she deputized for Minority Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri.

In typical Pelosi fashion, this was another first, as she was the first woman in the nation’s history to become a minority whip. In 2002, Pelosi was elected to replace Gephart as minority leader, making her the first woman to become Minority Leader in the US Congress.

After the midterm elections of 2006, the Democrats strong showing meant they regained control of the House and Nancy Pelosi’s name was put forward by the Democratic caucus of the party as the candidate for Speaker.

The Republican Party caucus put forward John Boehner of Ohio to battle Pelosi for the top job. Pelosi beat Boehner 233 votes to 202 to become the first female Speaker of the United States Congress.

In 2010, the democrats lost 63 seats in Congress, hence, Pelosi lost her speakership to the Republicans but reverted back to the role of Minority Leader.

In 2018, after the Democratic party put an impressive showing at the mid-term elections, regaining control of the House, Pelosi was re-elected as Speaker of the House.

Nancy’s husband Paul Pelosi was born in San Francisco on the 15th of April, in the year, 1940 – the same as Nancy, making them agemates with Nancy older by roughly one month.

He met his wife Nancy while they were in College. Paul holds a B.Sc in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and the Stern School of Business at New York University.

While Nancy continues to remain a trailblazer in politics, Paul is no pushover himself in his field. As an investor, he owns a $12 million franchise in the United Football League.

He has investments in Walt Disney, Apple, and Facebook. Paul uses his investment vehicle – Financial Leasing Services Inc to drive his real estate and venture capital interests.

The U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on a trip to Taiwan and she met the political leader of South Korea in Seoul but she rejected making direct public comments with Beijing and Taipei which will increase regional problems.

After completing Nancy’s visit to Taiwan, She flew to South Korea where around 28k troops were deployed. She has also made her visit Singapore and Malaysia as a part of the Asia Tour.

After meeting South Korean National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin Pyo then Pelosi talked about the bilateral alliance, forged in blood during the Korean war of 1950-53. She didn’t mention her Taiwan visit or the Chinese protests.

As of now, 21 China Fighter Hets have entered the Taiwan air defense zone as a visit or tour of Nancy Pelosi.

Source: NPR

What is Nancy Pelosi known for?

Nancy is the forts woman to lead any party in Congress which had made her popular. She has also became House Minority Leader and House Speaker.

How Many Kids Do Nancy and Paul Pelosi Have?

Sometimes it feels like Pelosi has been in politics forever but what most people don’t realize is that she didn’t run for office until she was 47. This was because, after her marriage to Paul Pelosi, Nancy focused on raising the children while Paul kept his job as a banker.

Source: CNN

Paul and Nancy got married on the 7th of September 1963. By 1969 she was already a mother of five. The names of her children are Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul Jr, and Alexandra. Pelosi waited until her last child was in senior high school before she left for Washington.

Nancy’s daughter Christine Pelosi is toeing the family line and has been heavily involved in grassroots politics and party mobilization.

She is the author of Campaign Boot Camp and also a Democratic Party strategist who has been elected six times to the Democratic National Committee. In the 2016 Presidential elections, Christine was part of the electoral college representing the state of California.

Alexandra Pelosi, the youngest of the Pelosi kids is a filmmaker, journalist, and writer. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Alexandra was the creator of Journies with George which was a documentary film made up of 18 months of her covering the presidential campaign.

The documentary gave the public an insight into a part of him that wouldn’t ordinarily be caught on camera. Journies with George landed six Emmy nominations.

Paul Pelosi Jr took after the father. He is a businessman and executive director of the American Kratom Association. He is also co-founder of Natural Blue Resources.

What is the Net Worth of Nancy Pelosi?

A former House Leader Nancy Pelosi has an estimated net worth of $120 million as of 2022.

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