Tony Abbott – Biography, Net Worth, Daughters, Wife and Family Life

Tony Abbott's Net Worth as of February 2024 is $145 Million

Quick Facts of Tony Abbott

Net Worth$145 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth4 November, 1957

Politics has been referred to as a dangerous game; to excel in this game, one needs to be armed with intelligence, wit, and the skills for strategic planning.

One of the highest points attainable in politics is the position of a president or in the case of a constitutional monarchy as practiced in Australia, the position of Prime Minister.

Tony Abbott is one of such men who has had the opportunity to take the seat of power as the Prime Minister of Australia. For obvious reasons, this made him a man that stirs the curiosity of Australians and people from all corners of the globe.

Learn more about the life and political achievements of Tony Abbott below.

What is the current position of Tony Abbott?

Tony Abbott has been posted as an adviser to the UK Board of Trade since the year 2020.

Tony Abbott Biography, Age

On the 4th of November in 1957 and in the district of Lambeth, London, England, Anthony John Abbott was born to Fay Peters and Richard Henry Abbott. Abbott is the first child of his parents; he has three younger sisters, one of whom is the politician, Christine Forester.

Source: Hindustan Times

Four years after his birth, his parents moved to Australia from the United Kingdom. There, his father established an Orthodontic practice.

After Tony had his primary and secondary education, he decided to further and went to the University of Sydney where he bagged two degrees in Economics and Law. He earned the first in 1979 and the second in 1981.

The degrees were apparently not enough for Tony, so he picked up another from The Queen’s College, Oxford, in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). He would later bag a Master of Art in 1989, six years after getting his PPE degree.

Abbott’s foray into politics began while he was at the university, with his organization of rallies in opposition to student leadership. He was once beaten up for his actions and was compared to an aggressive terrier in his approach to political issues by a newspaper.

When he returned from Britain after traveling for educational purposes, he joined a seminary which he has credited for instilling in him the desire to become a man who gives his life in service to others.

So far in his lifetime, Tony Abbott has worked in a concrete plant and has held a job as a journalist; when it came to running for political office, he renounced his British citizenship.

Source: ABC

Abbott became a member of the Australian parliament in 1994, running with the Liberal party and representing the electoral division of Warringah. From then onwards, his career as a politician has progressed.

He moved from parliament to the Cabinet and also held positions as a minister until his eventual win of the position of Prime Minister in 2013. He served in the office for two years and was the 28th Prime Minister of the country.

Tony Abbott lost the 2015 party elections to Malcolm Turnbull. While in power, he had very conservative views on issues such as same-sex marriage, climate change, renewable energy, and the way people were chosen to join the party.

Some of these views affected his popularity. Despite his loss, he has chosen to remain in parliament.

What did Tony Abbott write?

A former Australian politician Tony Abbott has written around 107 books which includes, The Postcard, Lunch-Box Dream, Goofballs, Danger Guys, Kringle, Firegirl, etc.

Tony Abbott’s Net Worth

It has been reported that of all the politicians in the world, Tony Abbott is one of the most highly paid. Meanwhile, politics is not his only source of income as he has investments in a lot of lucrative ventures, some of which are in the stock market.

The man has endorsements with some companies. Also, he is the owner of Fat Abbott Burger, a large fast-food chain, and has a company that produces a special brand of Vodka in Australia called Pure Wonderabbott.

His business ventures are not limited to food and drinks as he has a line for clothes and makes perfumes as well. The fashion line is called Tony Abbott Seduction while the perfumes are With Love from Tony.

He has also published four books, all of which contribute to his $145 million net worth.

In which party Tony Abbott is involved?

Tony Abbott is involved in the Liberal Party of Australia which is a center-light political party of Australia  which was founded in 1944.

Tony Abbott’s Daughters, Wife, and Family Life

As previously mentioned, Tony Abbott was once part of a seminary which he dropped out of. After leaving the seminary in 1987, he met Margie Aitken, who was to become his wife.

Source: The Guardian

For both of them, it was love at first sight and a year later, they got married. Their first child was born in 1989, two more came in 1991 and 1993. His three daughters’ names are Louise, Frances, and Bridget.

For most of Abbott’s life, he believed that he had a child with a woman he dated when he was in his twenties. She had gotten pregnant and told him the child was his.

Source: Daily Mail

Due to their age and inability to care for the child, the baby boy was given up for adoption. Abbott, however, met the child twenty-seven years later and a DNA test proved that he was not the man’s father.

Tony Abbott’s Body Measurements: Height and Weight

A former Australian politician Tony Abbott is 5 feet 9 inches or 180 cm tall and his weight is 70 kg or 154 lbs.

Source: City Hub Sydney

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