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She has more short and indie films on her resume, but in 2017, Hannah Gross made a giant leap after she was cast as the lead Debbie Whitford in Hollywood most notorious perfectionist David Fincher’s Netflix hit series Mindhunter which would also become her first small-screen gig.

Hannah Gross Biography (Family and Other Background Information

Contrary to her that says she was born in Michigan, Gross was born in Toronto, Ontario on September 25, 1990. Other sources also have it that she was born in 1995 and 1992.

It turns out that there a lot of false information online about Gross, including one that she had a role in Survivor: Fiji. However, during an interview with about her Mindhunter role, Gross set the records straight.

“I grew up in Toronto, despite what my IMDb says…It seems to be an amalgamation of three Hannah Grosses. I was not born in Michigan in 1995, and I, unfortunately, am not the one who did Survivor: Fiji,” the actress told the publication.

The daughter of Canadian actors Paul Gross and Martha Burns, Hannah was born with acting in her blood. However, she didn’t make up her mind to pursue the craft professionally until after graduating from high school.

Making up her family is a brother named Jack Gross. Alongside her brother, Hannah made an uncredited appearance in their dad’s film Men with Brooms (2002) and Wilby Wonderful (2004).

Hannah had begun acting in high school where she participated in a number of school plays. The turning point for her in those years was when she landed a role in a school production of Macbeth.

After high school, Gross left Toronto in 2008 for New York where she enrolled at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She studied Religious Studies as a minor and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.

After graduating in 2012, Gross remained in New York where she lived in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. In New York, she began appearing in low-budget indie films, making her debut in Matthew Porterfield’s I Used to Be Darker (2013) which was funded with a budget of $42,000.

After appearing in a string of short films, she had a role in Christmas Again (2014), as well as Nathan Silver’s films Uncertain Terms (2014) and Stinking Heaven (2015). Hannah’s biggest break would come shortly after she was discovered by David Fincher who is notorious in Hollywood for his perfectionism. David is the same man who discovered talents like Kristen Stewart, and Rooney Mara.

7 Quick Facts

1. Hannah was a shy little girl

Gross has described her self as being extraordinarily shy when she was a little girl. She even suffered from stage fright. However, she credits her role in a school production of Macbeth for helping her overcome shyness and forge ahead in show business.

2. As a kid of actors, Hannah spent most of her time on set an appeared as an uncredited extra in numerous films.

3. One of her early motivations to get into filming was because she wanted to sort of time travel.

“The main reason I wanted to be in films as a kid was because of the time travel,” she told . “I was like, ‘Yeah, I want to know what it’s like to live in the Elizabethan age,’ so the only way to do that is to be an actor.”


4. Her Debbie role on Mindhunter has been met with mixed reviews, not by critics but viewers.

So we stumbled upon a , and it appears that not many people can relate to Gross’ acting on Mindhunter. While many criticized her for being emotionless and expressionless, others who seemed to have had a real life personal experience with her kind of character popped to her defense with some saying that her role requires that she acts as a mentally oriented person and that her portrayal is “spot on.”

5. Hannah made her stage debut in a 2010 production titled Doc. She has appeared in at least 3 stage projects.

6. Her favorite film till date is The Matrix. “I was nine when it came out on VHS and I watched it every single day for a summer,” she told . She added; “I wanted to be Trinity.”

7. Hannah Gross stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches.

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