Hideo Kojima Net Worth, Wife and Other Facts About The Game Designer 

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Hideo Kojima is a game producer, screenwriter, director and designer who is very popular for being the brain behind the Metal Gear series which is one of the most popular game franchise. After spending a very long time working with Konami Digital Entertainment, Kojima left the company in 2015 to take care of the Kojima Productions which he founded in 2005.

Hideo Kojima’s Biography

Kojima was born on August 24, 1963, in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan where he was raised until the age of 4 alongside his two older siblings. The family then moved to Osaka but instead of settling there, the family will move again to Shirasaki and then Kawanishi, Hyōgo. Unfortunately for him, he would lose his father when he was just 13.

What he dreamt of becoming as a little kid was an artist or a filmmaker, but there was the idea that those would hardly pay the bills and he needed a stable job as his uncle was also an artist but was finding it very hard to make a living.

Contrary to what you might have brought yourself to believe, the Japanese video game designer did not study anything that got him where he is today at first. Instead, it was economic that he started studying, although at the time he was also into short story writing, none of which he was able to get published in the numerous magazines he submitted them to.

Having spent his years in the university playing video games such as Super Mario Bros. (1985) and The Portopia Serial Murder Case (1983), Hideo decided to go into the video gaming industry once he was through with his education. He joined Konami’s MSX in 1986 where he began his career as a designer and planner.


After joining Konami, Kojima got involved in a sequel to Antarctic AdventurePenguin Adventure, as an assistant director. He had a completely different idea on how games should be made and he went on to put that into the first game that he was in charge of, Lost Warld. Unfortunately for him, the game did not make it through as it was thrown aside by his superiors.

The next pressure for him was to deliver on his next game which happens to be Metal Gear. The project was handed to him from a senior associate. Interestingly, he decided to use his own idea and came up with a stealth game like none other before it and one that would go on to shape how stealth games would be made decades later.

With metal gear, Kojima and his team came up with a tactical stealth action game that had everything right on their part, with the only issue relating to technological limitations.

Following the release of the game in 1987, Hideo Kojima would go on to work on many games with Konami including all the games in the Metal Gear franchise until he left the company in 2015. He worked on Snatcher/Policenauts games, Tokimeki Memorial series, Zone of the Enders series, Boktai series, and Castlevania series among many others.


He had founded the Kojima Productions in 2005 which first began as a subsidiary of Konami. Having spent many years with Konami and rising to the position of the Vice President, he decided to leave the company in December 2015 and settled to work on his own company which is now working on a PlayStation 4 game, Death Stranding.

Net Worth

For a man who has been very successful in the lucrative gaming world, there is no reason why one should expect that he has anything but a massive net worth. That said, Hideo Kojima has a net worth that is estimated at $30 million.


One of the things that the video game designer has kept away from the public is his private life so it is hard to tell the women that he has been involved with in the past. However, it is known that he has been married for a very long time now, although the name of his wife is not known. But we do know that they have a child together.

Other Facts

In his early days with Konami, Kojima had wanted to leave the company after his ideas kept being turned down and he was getting frustrated.

There are many who believe Hideo Kojima is actually the mysterious Joakim Mogren, while others believe that the head of the Moby Dick Studio is actually Cliff Bleszinski.

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