How Strong Is Wonder Woman, What Are Her Powers and Weaknesses?

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Wonder Woman is as strong as she is beautiful but like every mortal we’ve come to know, she’s got her fair share of weaknesses. However, her shortcomings are way less compared to her powers. The origin of the DC Comic superheroine dates back to 1941, which is the year she was created by American psychologist and comic writer William Moulton Marston and cartoonist H. G. Peter. The former’s inspiration behind the character was his life partner Olive Byrne, as well as early feminists, including the likes of Margaret Sanger – the renowned birth control activist.

Here is a look at Wonder Woman’s powers, as well as her weaknesses.

How Strong Is Wonder Woman

To truly understand the power and strength of Wonder Woman, it is important to know her heritage. She is an Amazonite – her mother is Queen Hippolyta (The Amazon queen of Themyscira) who formed her in clay and had her brought to life by the powers of Greek and Roman gods, known collectively as Olympian deities, they include Aphrodite, Athena, Hermes, and Hercules.

Being an Amazon woman, Wonder Woman is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and as the daughter of the gods, she is endowed with supernatural powers unique to each of the gods that breathed life into her. However, in recent comics, Wonder Woman’s heritage has been changed to be that she was actually the natural-born daughter of the Amazon queen Hippolyta and the Greek god Zeus. Whichever way, Wonder Woman is still indued with some super-mighty powers which are unique to her.

Her birth name is Diana, however, she came to earn the name Wonder Woman after she wowed her people with her skills and intelligence at a ceremonial contest in her homeland – the Paradise Island. Her alter ego is Diana Prince, the identity she takes on when she visits man’s world on a mission.

Wonder Woman is quite a unique superheroine in the sense that, she not only intends to capture the bad guys and stop them from doing evil but is also focused on transforming them to be better people.

What Are Wonder Woman’s Powers?

Lasso of Truth

Technically, Wonder Woman cannot be lied to, well only if she chose not to wield her lasso of truth which is highly unlikely as she needs the truth to help her make sound decisions. When she binds anyone with her lasso of truth, they are immediately compelled to tell her the truth. Also, with this lasso of truth, Wonder Woman keeps herself from being burnt by both natural and supernatural fire.


When your destiny is to protect people from global threats, then it’s important that you know how to speak more than one language and Wonder Woman has this ability in excess. She can effectively communicate with anyone she comes across, no matter what language they speak.

SuperSpeed and Super Breath

Well, maybe not as quick as Flash but Wonder Woman does have some speed qualities that make her able to block off bullets using her magic bracelets. Also, her breath can be like a rush of a mighty wind but unlike that of Krypto’s last son, her breath doesn’t have freezing powers.


Wonder Woman has the ability to communicate mentally without uttering any speech. However, this is a power that has been suppressed in her depiction in recent-live action which tends to focus more on her physical powers.

Resistance To Magic

She may not be completely invulnerable to attacks from other mystical beings but unlike other superheroes (e.g Superman), Wonder Woman is able to hold off their powers much longer before they start to take effect. She is also resistant to electricity.

Super Healing

Maybe not as quick as Wolverine but Wonder Woman does have the ability to heal from injuries, an ability she earned from drinking from the fountain of youth while growing up.

What Are Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses?

Wonder Woman has only one weakness which is triggered through bondage and this makes sense as most of her crime-fighting powers come from bondage. Her magic bracelets which are versatile tools are a form of bondage which she wears as a symbol of her submission to the Greek god Hercules, technically, every Amazon woman wears the bracelet.

However, if she has her wrists bound together by a man, she stands the risks of losing all of her supernatural powers. When Wonder Woman takes off these bracelets, she receives a hyper boost of all of her powers and while this is a form of strength, it can also be seen as a weakness as it strips her of one her most unique abilities  – compassion, by driving her absolutely nuts with no ability to be merciful towards whoever she is fighting at the time.

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