Iron Fist Cast, When Is The Next Release Date Or Has It Been Cancelled?

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There is no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is dominating the entertainment industry, right now. From the big screen to the small screen, there’s barely any corner of Hollywood where there isn’t a Marvel property. While The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and the likes triumph in the film category; TV shows like Iron Fist, Daredevil, Cloak & Dagger, The Punisher and Agents Of Shield have succeeded in finding their fan base as well.

While Iron Fist may have taken a moment to find its footing, the show eventually endeared itself to fans and critics. The show, which premiered on the 17th of March 2017, boasts of a strong cast bringing iconic characters to life. Keep reading to learn more about Marvel’s Iron Fist.


Iron Fist follows Danny Rand, the eponymous character, as he returns to New York after being missing and presumed dead for fifteen years following a plane crash that killed his parents. When he returns to New York to reclaim his family company from his father’s business partner, Harold Meachum, and his children – Joy and Ward, things don’t go according to plan.

When a threat arises in New York, Danny finds with himself having to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron first.

Iron Fist Cast

While Iron Fist had a lot of limitations, one thing the show had going for it was its strong and talented cast. With the likes of Finn Jones, Jessica Stroup, Jessica Henwick, And Tom Pelphrey among its ranks, it was clear that the cast of the show was going to be among Iron Fist‘s strongest qualities. Keep reading to learn more about the talented cast of the show, and the characters they play.

Finn Jones – Danny Rand

The British actor, Finn Jones, plays the show’s titular hero. Finn first came to global prominence when he played the character of Loras Tyrell on the HBO TV show, .

Finn Jones plays Danny Rand/The Iron Fist, a billionaire Buddhist monk who returns to New York after being presumed dead for 15 years.

Finn was born as Terence ‘Terry’ Jones on the 24th of March, 1988; however, he changed it professionally to avoid confusion with the actor and comedian who goes by the same name – Terry Jones.

The actor goes on to reprise his role as Danny Rand in The Defenders and Luke Cage. Apart from Iron Fist and Game of Thrones, Finn is also known for his roles in Life in Squares, Leatherface, The Last Showing and Doctors among others.

Jessica Henwick – Colleen Wing

plays Colleen Wing, an ally and love interest for Danny Rand, who owns a martial arts dojo.

Like Finn Jones, Jessica is also a Game of Thrones Alum; she played Nymeria Sand on the HBO show. Prior to gaining fame on Iron Fist and Game of Thrones, Jessica starred as Bo on Spirit Warriors, becoming the first actress of East Asian descent to land a lead role on a British television show.

The actress, who was born on the 30th of August 1992, is also known for her roles in The Thick Of it, Lewis, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Obsession: Dark Desires.

Jessica Stroup – Joy Meachum

plays Joy, a childhood friend of Danny, who now fears that her hard work building up Rand Enterprises, in the absence of the Rand family, threatens to be undone with Danny’s return.

Stroup, who was born on the 23rd of October, 1986, is best known for her roles as Erin Silver on 90210. She was also a main cast member on The Following opposite . The actress, who has been acting since 2005, is considered a ‘Scream Queen’ due to her frequent roles in Horror Movies.

Tom Pelphrey – Harold Meachum

plays a childhood acquaintance of Danny, Harold, who like his sister – Joy, is very instrumental in building up Rand Enterprises. Though in Iron Fist, he starts out in opposition of Danny, the two later become good friends.

Tom, who plays the character excellently, was born on the 28th of July 1982 and is known for his roles in Banshee, As The World Turns and Guiding Light.


Other prominent cast members on the show include Sacha Dawan who plays Davos, Danny Rand’s former best friend who wants the Iron fist mantle; as Claire Temple, reprising her role from from previous Marvel-Netflix shows; Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary Walker, who joined the show in its second season; David Wenham who plays Harold Meachum, one of the main antagonists of the first season; and , who becomes a prominent member of the cast in the second season, reprising her role as Detective Misty Knight from Luke Cage and The Defenders.

When Is The Next Release Date Or Has It Been Cancelled? 

Though the first season of Iron Fist was off to a rocky start, the second season of the show had a more favorable run and it successfully impressed viewers enough to the point people were looking forward to the next release date, for the third season. Despite this, Netflix decided against renewing the show and Iron Fist was officially canceled on the 12th of October 2018 after a two-season run.

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