Is Alaskan Bush People Fake? Everything You Need To Know

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Alaskan Bush People is a popular American reality show which started in the U.S state of Alaska – located at the extreme NorthWest of the United States West Coast. Alaska is the least populated state of the 50 states of America. The economic power of the state has its root in the abundance of fishing, oil industries, natural gas, and tourism.

Moreso, the state became the 49th state of the United States after it was bought from the Russian Empire in 1959. The reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People is believed to have gotten its name based on the locality of the main cast members of the show, the Brown family. The series has been able to get the attention of many viewers, however, there is an ongoing rumor that it is scripted and not a reality show as it presents itself. Know the entire facts behind these allegations as you read through this article.

What Is Alaskan Bush People All About?

Alaskan Bush People is an American reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel. The series is centered on the family of the Browns as they attempt to survive in a wilderness isolated from civilization but recently, they have moved to Washington.

The cast members of the show include the father, Billy Bryan Brown, and mother, Amora Larene Branson Brown with their 7 children – 5 boys and 2 girls. The family members are very fond of calling themselves by their individual nicknames; the sons include Matthew Jeremiah Brown (Matt), Joshua Brown (Bam Bam), Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown (Bear), Gabriel Starbuck Brown (Gabe), and Noah Darkcloud Brown (Noah). The two girls are Amora Jean Snowbird Brown (Birdy), Kathryn Raindrop Brown (Rainy).

Is Alaskan Bush People Fake? Here Are The Facts

There is no doubt that the reality show is very much enjoyed by many fans as it has an impressive rating on Google. However, the show received numerous criticisms from audiences. A large part of its viewers believes that the show is scripted and lacks authenticity for some obvious reasons.

1. The storyline is similar to the book ‘One Wave at a Time’

Most of Alaskan Bush People fans believe that the show is based on one of Billy Brown’s book titled ‘One Wave at a Time’. The storyline of the book is hardly different from that of the show.

2. The Brown family members are not originally from Alaska

It has also been revealed that the Browns are not truly Alaskans. This is contrary to what the reality show is making its audiences believe about this family living in the remote part of Alaska for more than decades. Sources have dug up the fact that Billy Brown is a silver spoon-fed kid (to which he admits) who was raised in Texas. He lived there until after the death of his parents which forced him to relocate to Alaska after some years of surviving in the wilderness with his wife Ami and their two sons.

3. Their accent does not correspond with the kind of lifestyle they portray on air

Viewers and critics are also not so convinced about the accent of the supposed bush people. Some people complain that there is nothing native about their accent as they speak in clear English. Moreso, certain natives of Alaska claim that the Brown family have been spotted several times in a hotel. It is hereby believed that the family only go to their cabin in the remote village during shootings and then back to their hotel rooms after the scenes in the Alaskan Bush People have been filmed for a specified period.

4. The locations are not as remote as they make the audience to believe

One of the trigger points to the accusation came from the fact that Alaskan Bush People show is usually filmed in different remote locations of Alaska. Viewers and critics became skeptical about one of the locations on the show known as Chicago Island. The family claims that this location is remote whereas a search on Wikipedia proves otherwise as the result shows that Chicago Island holds a good amount of nature, wildlife and adventure parks attracting lots of tourists. Therefore, this Island is not as remote as the show made viewers believe.

Another thing that led to viewers’ skepticism was when a pizza restaurant was spotted on the show. Many argued that if the locations they usually use is as remote as the show claims, a pizza restaurant is the last thing that should be seen in such remote places. There are many more events that prove that the Alaskan Bush People is scripted but however, fans of the show seem to be enjoying it and are looking forward to the 10th season.

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