Is Fox News Jillian Mele Married? How Did She Build Her Career?

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It’s a great deal to be able to do what you love and even look strikingly beautiful while you are at it. A lot of positive vibes can be drawn from those who pick a certain field of endeavour and take it head-on, sweeping accolades and enjoying the act. With regards to this, Jillian Mele is a Philadelphia-born journalist who has successfully earned her place in the hearts of millions thanks to shows like Fox & Friends, as well as Fox & Friends First which have gained high ratings among the most-viewed cable news programs across America.

Moving from a local sports news reporter to a nationally-recognized TV personality, Mele is now a two-time Emmy Award winner but far beyond her professional life is her personal life which has attracted people’s interests. So, how much do you know about Mele’s love life? Here are interesting facts we have to share with you.

Jillian Mele’s Early Life and Career Outset

Mele was born on September 17, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Her parents are Roseanna Mele and Thomas Mele. She is the only daughter with two male siblings.

Jillian went to La Salle University where she majored in Art and Communication then went on to graduate with a degree in Communication in 2005. She also ran other courses at other institutions, doing two years of communication at The University of Scranton. Upon graduation, she interned at Comcast Sports Net in Philadelphia.

After school, she landed her first job as an anchor for WAGM-TV, thus, beginning her career as a journalist. Dare to say that her career has grown in leaps and bounds since those early stages. She has had a series of jobs at other networks, making her mark as she moves up the ladder of success.

She has been a correspondent on WIVT, co-host of the evening news at Binghamton and also joined NBC 10 as well. These great jobs would then help guide her when she did some really major work. At CSN, she went on to win Emmy Awards for the job she did on the show Breakfast on Board.

FOX News Career

The progression of her broadcasting career so far has been interesting. When she started off, she had a strong emphasis on sports-related coverage, but she is also very versatile, as has been seen through her time as a local news anchor. She covered major news events, including destructive floods in June 2007 and played a special role as the traffic reporter during her time at NBC 10.

Fox welcomed Jillian Mele in 2017 and just six months after, she got her first promotion at the station. Currently, she is the presenter of Fox and Friends, one of President Trump’s favourite shows. She began as the news anchor on the show, making contributions to other segments on a daily basis. Mele co-hosts the show alongside Rob Schmitt and up until now, the show still ranks as the number one cable news program with over 1.4 million viewers.

The show has had a track record for conservative political analysis, often seen as having a bias towards the Republican Party and its policies. This hasn’t gone down well with Democrats and draws occasional criticism from more liberal outlets.

Back in May 2012, Fox was heavily criticized for airing a 4-minute video perceived to be attacking Former President Barrack Obama’s record as President on the show. Top Fox Executives were quick to distance themselves from the clip, saying the piece slipped through without the vetting of some of the senior producers. It has been said in some quarters that President Trump’s early morning tweets are heavily influenced by happenings on Fox and Friends which airs daily from 6 AM to 9 AM ET.

Thanks to her relentless effort to go higher in her career, Mele is currently one of the few popular TV hosts who are recipients of internationally-recognized awards. Currently, she has two Emmy Awards, she won her first award in 2014 following her work at NBC10.

Who Is Jillian Mele’s Boyfriend or Husband?

So, it’s hard to actually believe that a blonde as gorgeous as Jillian Mele is not taken but it sure does seem that way. Jillian is not yet married to any man and from her lifestyle, it is obvious she has made conscious decisions to maintain a private life, out of the glare of the cameras. To avoid further investigations into her private life, she appears to be fond of giving a bleak answer to fans’ direct questions about her boyfriend.

One of her comments about her personal life was in 2013 when she made reference to her man being from Boston after a follower asked about “her pick”.

More recently, she also caused a stir with a similar comment on Twitter when she wrote, “I have a boyfriend, but thank you” in response to a similar question about her love life.

Unfortunately, Jillian never went further to expand the matter concerning her mystery man. It could very well be a ploy with the sole aim of diverting media attention. Make of it what you wish but what we do know is that this TV host who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, endowed with an hourglass figure, has a special interest in some activities that you may as well count as interesting. One of such is dancing which she reportedly has been devoted to since childhood. Mele revealed she spent over a decade of her life dancing ballet, jazz and tap dance. One other instance of Mele’s special interest is golfing. As an adult, the TV star says she enjoys golfing and that her first attempt at the sport was during a vacation to Aruba in 2015.

Speaking of her sexual orientation, Mele has not revealed if she is gay or not but in a recent comment on a social media platform, she did mention having a number of family members who are gay.

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