Is ‘Fuller House’ Canceled or Will There Be a Season 5?

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The spinoff of the critically acclaimed ABC series, Full House, premiered in February 2016 on Netflix, much to the delight of everyone who had seen the original show. Fuller House reunited old and new viewers with the Tanner-Fuller family and all the wild adventures they got up to. During its first season, it was one of the most-watched shows, attracting over 14 million viewers between the ages of 18-49. Most people who had seen the original show were filled with nostalgia and found great joy in immersing themselves in the lives of the characters once again. Recently, the fate of the show has come under much debate, leaving fans with a plethora of questions like is Fuller House canceled?

Fuller House revolves around Stephanie Tanner, D.J. Tanner-Fuller, and their childhood friend Kimmy Gibbler, all of whom are now adults and dealing with adult problems. Following the death of D.J.’s husband, her sister and friend move in with her to provide companionship and help raise her three sons. Some cast members from the original show including Lori Laughlin, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget were noticeably absent from the new show, but they made guest appearances in a couple of episodes. So, what is going to happen to this beloved series? Is Fuller House canceled? Let’s find out!

Is Fuller House Canceled?

Unfortunately, audiences will have to say goodbye to the Tanner-Fuller family once again, and for good this time. In January, two months after the start of season 4 of Fuller House, Netflix announced that they were wrapping up the popular sitcom, much to the dismay of its fans and cast members.

Viewers rallied around and launched campaigns to try to convince Netflix to keep the show running, but their pleas and interventions seem to have fallen on deaf ears. When rumors began circulating that the streaming platform was planning to pull the plug on the show, Fuller House star, doused them by stating that it simply wasn’t true. Since she was not aware of any plans to cancel Fuller House, most people took this to mean the show was safe for the foreseeable future, so Netflix’s announcement came as a bit of a surprise.

The show’s producers released a special video containing highlights and reels of the most treasured moments on the show, thanking viewers for how far Fuller House had come, and promising that they saved the best episodes for last.

Why Was The Show Canceled?

There’s no confirmed reason for the cancelation of Fuller House as Netflix hasn’t offered one. However, there are some issues that might have contributed to the series being shut down.

For starters, even though the sitcom had a very good first season and was one of the most binged shows on Netflix, its ratings were starting to drop at alarming rates. There was a 52% drop in viewership numbers in the second season, and it dropped another 10% in the third and fourth seasons. Considering that it costs at least $3 million to make a single episode of Fuller House, it’s no surprise that Netflix decided to cut it since the ratings could not support pouring that much money into it any longer.

There was also the disturbing behavior of the Fuller House show-runner, Jeff Franklin, who was accused of being verbally abusive to the cast and crew, leading to his contract being terminated. He reportedly made sexually inappropriate comments about his sex life and relationships. Also, it is said that he abused his capacity as executive producer by giving women he was going out with minor roles on the show.

Will There Be a Season 5 of Fuller House?

Here’s some good news: fans of Fuller House will still get one last chance to quench their thirst for the show with a final season. Even though the fate of the series has been decided, Netflix has greenlighted a season 5 for the sitcom, which will allow the writers to tie up loose ends, and the cast to bid farewell to viewers.

The fifth and final season of Fuller House is expected to premiere in December 2019, and if the promises of the cast holds true, it will be the best season of the show. So ready your box of tissues, bring all your nostalgia, and prepare to say your final goodbyes to this memorable show and its delightful cast.

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