Is Songland Cancelled Or Will There Be Season 2? When Will It Be Out? 

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The world of entertainment is littered with different forms of content all of which serve as a source of entertainment. Talent competitions are one of these sources of entertainment, but for such competitions, providing viewing pleasure for an audience is not the only goal as it is as important as showcasing the talents of the competitors. Songland is one of the more recent talent shows that have hit the screens and it is a talent show for songwriters. Following the success of its first season, Songland season 2 will be on air sometime soon.

Background Of The Show

When songs are released, the focus is usually on the singer, the voice that everyone can hear and rarely is there praise from the public for the songwriter. A song is usually the collaborative effort of more than one person, while the singer is sometimes just the voice that has been tasked with singing, it is most likely that the idea for a song is first brought to life during the process of writing it and as a result of this, the writers, who barely get any praise are oftentimes the most important part of the song creating process. This is what the show Songland aims to promote, by focusing on how some of the biggest hits were only made possible by the creative genius of the songwriter.

David A. Stewart, who is a composer and a former member of the now defunct pop duo, Eurythmics, had the idea to create a show that walked people through the writing process of creating a song. As a composer, he is more aware of how writers are often relegated to the background when they are actually deserving of more praise. This is why he decided to create this talent show.

Songland has a trio of producers, who work with the competitors, all song writers. Each song is performed by a guest musician and the goal is to write a song good enough that the guest artist for the week picks the one that they feel deserves to be released. The competition is set up in a way that the songwriter receives more praise that the artist who performs the song.

Will There Be Songland Season 2 Or Is The Show Cancelled?

The show has only had one season which aired from the 28th of May till the 11th of September 2019. A day to the airing of the last episode, Songland was renewed for a new season. The reason the studio was willing to renew it was because of the high number of views that the show got for the thirteen weeks it aired. In its first week, Songland was viewed by more than 6 million people and as the show progressed, the viewing declined and by the final episode, viewing had dropped to four million. After the first six episodes aired, its time slot was changed from Tuesday 10.00 pm to Wednesday 9:00 pm.


In the first season, there were eleven episodes and in each episode, the writers of the song would offer the four songs they have to the guest artists who in turn will have to pick three songs and of the three, decide which one of the songs they want to perform and release. John Legend, Jonas Brothers, One Republic, Meghan Trainor and Makclemore are some of the guest artists that have graced the show while JT Roach, Iro, Kole and Darius Coleman are some of the show’s winners.

When Will It Be Out?

When will the Songland season 2 be released? This is the question that has been on the minds and lips of fans of the show who have invested their time in the past season. The announcement of the renewal of the new season by NBC, the studio producing the show, only stated that the show will be returning for a new season without stating the date of release. So as it stands now, it is not known when Songland season 2 will start to air.

The network has picked up a second season of the songwriting competition, which has performed solidly in the ratings this summer and produced several hit songs.

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