Is Terminator 6 Coming Out Or Is Terminator Genisys The Last Movie?

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If you thought the Terminator film series was over, you need to think again. James Cameron is definitely in this one for the long haul. Terminator geeks are anticipating Terminator 6 as it would be the first of the Terminator film series since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day to have the full and direct involvement of its creator, Cameron. The other Terminator films in-between didn’t seem to excite quite much and considering the fact that Cameron has long proven to have the Midas touch, chances are that his involvement in the 6th film could revive the franchise to its glory.

Is Terminator 6 Coming Out Or Is Terminator Genisys The Last Movie?

Considering that Terminator Genisys was much of a disappointment, many would have guessed that it would be the last movie in the film’s franchise, but Cameron isn’t one to let any film work related to him remain in ruins and consequently, he jumped to the rescue. Genisys was critically panned, to say the least. It was nominated for Golden Schmoes Awards’ Worst Movie of the Year, as well as the Biggest Disappointment of the Year. Rotten Tomatoes rated it at just 26%, calling it a once-mighty franchise that lacked thematic depth and conceptual intelligence. Obviously, its time travel storyline didn’t sit well with many. At the box office, it faired a bit better, grossing $400 million against a $158 million budget which by blockbuster standards is far from impressive.

Terminator Genisys was actually supposed to be the beginning of another trilogy in the franchise, with sequels slated for release in 2017 and 2018, however with the disappointment upon its release in 2015, plans were halted. Instead of letting his beloved Terminator remain in ridicule, Cameron decided to develop a new film and the title has been revealed to be Terminator: Dark Fate, but before that title became official, cast members referred to it as Terminator: Phoenix but Cameron just liked how Dark Fate sounded. In his words, Cameron asked fans of Terminator to think of the other films after Judgement day as “bad dreams.”

Like what Genisys was originally planned to be, Terminator 6 would be the first of a planned trilogy. Described to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 6 would be hitting the US theaters on the 1st of November 2019. However, in the UK, theaters would get the chance to view it first with a release date of 23rd October 2019.

Other Facts About Terminator 6

1. James Cameron would not be producing the film alone but is joining forces with SkyDance’s CEO, David Ellison. Film director and visual effects artist Tim Miller who only made his directorial debut with 2016’s is the man behind the cameras as the director.

2. The filming of Terminator 6 is already done. It began in May 2018 and was done at several locations, including Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico and by November 2018, filming was wrapped up.

3. The cast in Terminator 6 would feature a couple of classic faces. Of course, there is no Terminator without , and the veteran actor is returning to play the role of an aging T-800 in a story that is set almost three decades after what happened in Judgement Day 2.

4. Cameron is not completely doing away with every part of Genisys as Brett Azar who made his Terminator debut in the 2015 outing would be back in Terminator 6. As the film would include flashbacks from the 90s. Azar’s face, coupled with a CGI, would be used to create a younger-looking Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5. Another old face returning is who would be reprising her role as Sarah Connor. Hamilton, like the rest of Terminator fans, didn’t fancy the other Terminator movies after Judgement Day, describing them as very forgettable.

6. Rounding up the oldies in Terminator 6 would be Edward Furlong who would reprise his role as Sarah Connor’s son John Connor and for his own flashback scenes, the same technology used for Arnie would be used on Jude Collie to make his younger version. Collie is a young and budding British actor and this role appears would be his first shot at professional acting.

7. As is often the case with a film revival like this, there would, of course, be new cast and characters. The first trailer, released in May 2019 showed some newbies and in addition to Collie, they are Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, and Mackenzie Davis.

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