Is The Goldfinch Movie Based on a True Story, When is the Release Date?

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It is not uncommon for a lot of films to be based on real-life events or to be adapted from a novel, when the latter happens it is often difficult to tell where the line between fiction and reality exists. The Goldfinch movie, which is soon to be released, is one of such movies but for this film, there have been speculations about it been based on a true-life event. To learn more about the movie, how similar it is to reality and its release date, keep reading.

Is The Goldfinch Movie Based on a True Story?

In 1965, Carel Fabritius, a Dutch painter and a student of the highly revered Rembrandt, painted a Goldfinch. The Goldfinch is a bird which is known for its gold feathers and for its
resourcefulness as a pet. This painting is known for how well it depicts ennui and boredom and is considered one of the painter’s masterpieces. The year Fabritius made this painting was the same year he died as a result of a gun powder explosion which happened in the city of Delft where he lived.

Forty-eight years later (in 2013) and six years before the release of The Goldfinch movie (in 2019), Donna Tartt released the novel titled The Goldfinch and at the center of events in the literary work is the Fabritius painting, which got stolen by the protagonist of the novel, Theodore Decker. When Theodore was thirteen, he lost his mother to a museum explosion and in the flurry of activity, he grabs the original Fabritius painting. This leads him down a path of art forgery and the underbelly of crime in the world of art. The novel was well received and won a couple of prizes including the highly revered Pulitzer prize.

A year after the novel was published, Warner Bros. Pictures purchased the rights to make a film based on it and in 2016, John Crowley was employed as the film’s director. The writing of Donna Tartt exudes authenticity and because of the use of the actual Carel Fabritius painting as a recurring motif in the story, this led fans to think that the story is
based on reality. These feelings were also extended to The Goldfinch movie but the only event that occurred in the book as well as in real life was the explosion that killed Carel Fabritius and the one in the novel that killed the protagonist’s mother.

Thus, it is safe to say that The Goldfinch movie is not based on true events as the entire film is a fictional account based on the fictional story of the author Donna Tartt.

When is the Release Date of the Movie?

The Goldfinch movie is set to be released in cinemas in the United States and Canada on the 13th of September in 2019. But before its release, it will be viewed on the 8th of September at the Toronto International Film Festival. The festival will run for ten days from the 5th to the 15th of September and The Goldfinch movie will be screened on the fourth day of the festival.

plays the role of Theodore Decker, while Oakes Fegley, who is known for his roles in Fort Bliss and Pete’s Dragon, plays the younger version of Theo Decker. Elgor was
picked for the role in 2017 after the producers had searched extensively for two months for an actor who would fit into the character. Other members of the cast are Aneurin Barnard who plays the role of Boris, Theodore’s closest friend; of the
Netflix series, Stranger Things, plays Boris in his childhood while Pippa, the love interest of Elgort’s character, is played by whose performance in Tomorrow, When the War Began, still speaks volumes. We will also be seeing other talents such as , , , and Jeffery Wright.


Filming of The Goldfinch movie began in January of 2018 and most of the first scenes that were filmed in that month were filmed in New York before the set was moved to Albuquerque on the 3rd of April. At the 2019 edition of Cinema Con which took place in April 2019, scenes from the film were screened and on 29th May, the first trailer was released. The film is expected to make between $8 and $12 million from cinema tickets sales in the first weekend it will be showing at the cinemas.

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