Is The Hummingbird Project Based On A True Story Or Not? Facts To Know

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The Hummingbird Project is a Wall street themed drama which was penned down by Kim Nguyen and the film’s production was handled by Pierre Even. The cast had the likes of who played Vincent Zaleski, who depicted the character of Anton Zaleski, the actress as Eva Torres and a couple of others.

Although the film has been criticized for a number of things, it, however, has several characteristics which make it outstanding. Moreso, Kim Nguyen was able to tell the story which bordered around digital advancement so well that many have asked whether The Hummingbird Project is based on a true story. Read on as we unveil all the facts about this drama thriller and know whether it is based on a true story or not.

Is The Hummingbird Project Based On A True Story Or Not?

Kim Nguyen’s The Hummingbird Project is a movie which follows the life of two tech-inclined personnel namely, Vincent played by Jesse Eisenberg and Anton portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård, who also happen to be cousins. The duo who were skilled in the business of high-frequency trading decided to build a fiber-optic cable which will run from Kansas to New Jersey. However, they are not the only ones in the bid to create such an avenue that will give them an advantage to stock market figures. Their former boss, Eva Torres played by Salma Hayek is also interested in their venture and she is described as a very ambitious lady who would go to any length to out-smart other traders in the stock market.

Jesse’s character Vincent is seen as the energetic one and it is interesting to know that he is accustomed to such roles as he had played a similar role in the movie The Social Network. On the other hand, Alexander who was cast as Anton was the brilliant one. Armed with the plan they have orchestrated, the duo quit their job with Eva Torres and launched out on their own to execute their plan. However, Torres learns of their schemes and at this juncture, The Hummingbird Project takes another turn as more action is brought it when she filed legal charges against them. The FBI stepped in to carry out an investigation on the guys and the tunnel they were building

The switch of events did not end there as Kim introduced another side of Vincent. The energetic man was struck with an ailment which brought out a more humane personality. This adds more excitement to the movie and it was definitely not what one could have expected The Hummingbird Project to result in. The movie which started off as a financially inspired movie ended up with several aspects aimed at thrilling its audience.

Speculations about The Hummingbird Project being based on a true story came up after it’s successful run; it would interest you to know that the exciting turn of events is all made up. The writer and director, Kim Nguyen is the brain behind the way events play out in the film. Although some of the events were described as flawed by critics, they still see them as entertaining.

Other Facts To Know About The Movie

1. It Took a Couple of Years to Produce The Hummingbird Project

From what has been gathered, production of The Hummingbird Project dates back to May 2017 when it was revealed that the two male leads, Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård will be in the film. That same year, the actress Salma Hayek, as well as Michael Mando, were named to be part of the movie.

Photography commenced in Quebec, Canada towards the end of 2017 and Brian Kavanaugh Jones alongside Fred Berger came on board as executive producers.

2. The Movie Premiered During the Toronto International Film Festival

With the successful completion of the filming of The Humming Bird, it was first released on the 8th of September, 2018 during the Toronto International Film Festival. That same month, it was shown during the course of the Vancouver International Film Festival.

3. It was Released for Worldwide Viewing in 2019

Not too long after it was premiered, The Orchard entertainment company obtained the right to distribute the film in the United States and by 15 March 2019, it was released in the U.S but at a limited volume. It was later released in Canada on March 22, 2019, by Elevation Pictures.

4. The Hummingbird Project Recorded Mixed Reception

Although the movie was praised for its storyline, critics, however, noted that there were a number of flaws in the outplay of events. On the Rotten Tomato site it managed to score 58% whereas, in the box office, it has been able to gross $561,671.

5. The Movie was Shot in Diverse Locations

The Hummingbird Project falls among the band of movies that were shot in different locations. In its case, it has been confirmed that the cast had to use sites located in Canada and Belgium to effectively portray the story.

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