Is There A New Thor Movie And Is Chris Hemsworth Among The Cast? 

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The media franchise, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for more than a decade now and it is considered as a top tier part of Hollywood. The brains behind this franchise have broken down the twenty-three movies that have been released so far into three phases. However, during the 2019 Comic-Con, which held in San Diego, it was announced by Kevin Feige, the president of the MCU, that a fourth phase will be launched in 2020 and this will be made up of 10 new films as well as Disney + series. To find out if a new Thor movie is part of this new package, continue reading.

Is There A New Thor Movie?

The character, Thor – the Norse god of Thunder and the son of Odin was introduced in 2011 with the film, Thor. The movie, which belongs to the first phase of the entire franchise, a phase that was closed with 2012’s The Avengers, chronicles the first steps Thor takes in becoming a much better person.

As previously mentioned, MCU in conjunction with Disney will be releasing ten new films all of which will constitute a new phase in the long-standing franchise. When the announcement was made, one of the films that excited fans the most was the announcement of a new Thor movie which has the working title of Thor: Love and Thunder. Other films that are slated for release in the coming years under this fourth phase are Black Widow, which is the first movie from this phase that will be hitting the cinemas in the U.S. precisely on the 1st of May of 2020. This one film in the MCU that fans have been wanting for a long time. Falcon and the Winter Soldier and The Eternals will also be released in 2020 and while the former might be getting to audiences in October, the later will be out in November.

The next year, 2021 has the highest number of scheduled releases with six films that are expected to hit screens in that year. Some of these upcoming films are new stories while most of them are sequels. These sequels are WandaVision, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Loki, Hawkeye as well as the new Thor movie. Meanwhile, the sequel to the highly successful Black Panther will be released in 2022.

Filming for the new Thor movie will take place in Australia, particularly in Sydney and from the announcement made by Feige, this has already begun. This movie is not the only one in the new phase that will be filmed in Australia.

Is Chris Hemsworth Part Of The Cast Of The New Thor Movie?

In the flurry of these new releases, it is obvious that fans will want to see their favorite characters from the movies in the first three phases. For Thor: Love and Thunder, it has been revealed that , who has always played the titular character will reprise his role. He is not the only returning member of the cast, who portrayed the character Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok will also be in the new Thor movie.

Tessa Thompson’s character, Valkyrie, is notable for being the first LGBTQ character in this cinematic universe and this has gone a long way in this new wake of representation in film. Hemsworth and Tessa are just a few of the returning actors from the franchise, , who played Jane Foster in the first two Thor movies, is also expected to make a return in the new Thor movie.


In the first Thor movie, Jane, a doctor of Astrophysics, and Thor fall in love and start to build a relationship which is continued in Thor: The Dark World. The second film features Jane getting in contact with the Aether, an infinity stone, and is almost killed by its effects. After her appearances in these first two films, there was no further appearance made by the actress in the MCU films.

Although her absence is explained by other characters, it came to public notice that the actress wanted to be more involved in the happenings of the film and not just be in a supporting role. This desire is getting fulfilled in the new Thor movie as it has been stated that she will most likely play a female version of the god of thunder.

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