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Through the years, we have seen the lens closing in on the British royal house. Capturing from the post-WWII era with more emphasis on the rise of Queen Elizabeth II to power, Netflix’s original series The Crown has zoomed the lens even closer. In its first season which premiered in 2016, The Crown captures the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Phillip as well as the failed relationship between the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. Season two highlights the 1956 Suez Crisis and cut through to 1964, the birth of Prince Edward. Getting set for the third season, here is a look at The Crown actors and actresses who portrayed royals.

Actors and Actresses Who Play Royals in The Crown

1. Jared Harris – King George VI

While his role is very significant, Harris did not get to last long in the series as he met his end in only the second episode of the first season when the king died at the age of 56 as a result of lung cancer.

2. Claire Foy – Queen Elizabeth II

Claire Foy takes the role of the young Princess Elizabeth whose reign began as queen following the death of her father on June 2, 1953. For her portrayal of the queen, she earned a Golden Globe Award in 2017 and a nomination in 2018. She also won Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards among others.

Her coronation has been described as one of the most epic scenes that have been seen in Netflix productions.

3. Matt Smith – Prince Philip

The first two seasons of the Netflix show feature tying the knot to Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Before the ceremony, the prince renounced his title as Prince Philip of Greece to pave way for the union.

4. Victoria Hamilton – Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

In her career of more than two decades, Hamilton has not appeared in too many productions but that did not stop the highly talented Lark Rise to Candleford actress from taking the role of the queen mother.

5. Alex Jennings – The Duke of Windsor

Alex played the role of King Edward VIII, the former king. He portrayed the man who abdicated the throne to get married to a divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

6. Vanessa Kirby – Princess Margaret

Kirby is one of the most interesting The Crown actors and actresses; she played the young princess who fell in love with a married man. The man later left his wife but did not marry her. Vanessa’s portrayal of Princess Margaret was great enough to land her a BAFTA TV award as well as a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

7. Billy Jenkins – Prince Charles

Billy Jenkins who was born in 2007 plays the role of young Prince Charles in the Netflix show.

8. Lyla Barrett-Rye – Princess Anne

There is the second child of Queen Elizabeth who was born in 1950. In the Netflix show, she is portrayed as a child by the young English actress, Lyla.

9. Dame Eileen Atkins – Queen Mary

Queen Mary who is portrayed by Atkins is the grandmother of the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Actors Playing Royals in Season 3 & 4

While season three of the Netflix TV series is coming in November, no release date has been announced yet for season 4, although it is known that production has already started. However, we have information on some of the cast members that will appear in the two seasons, including those taking royal roles.

1. Olivia Colman – Queen Elizabeth II

With the third season set from 1964 to 1970, the queen is now much older and so Claire Foy gives way for the much older Colman.

2. Helena Bonham Carter – Princess Margaret

Appearing as an older version of the princess is who now takes the place of Kirby who did a great job portraying the younger woman.

3. Josh O’Connor – Prince Charles

As a grown-up man, Josh O’Connor will take the place of Billy Jenkins in the show. The actor will make an appearance in the fourth season of the show.

4. Emma Corrin – Princess Diana

Another new face that fans of the show will see is that of Corrin who will play Princess Diana. She is starring alongside O’Connor.

5. Marion Bailey – Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

It is Bailey that took the place of Victoria Hamilton in the show.

6. Erin Doherty – Princess Anne

Lyla Barrett-Rye will make way for Erin Doherty to appear as an older Princess Anne.

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