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The five-member K-pop boy group KNK made their official debut on the 29th of February, 2016. Created by Korean YNB Entertainment as its first male band, KNK became a popular name in the music industry while they were still under the brand. KNK even became one of South Korea’s successful groups, garnering recognition for their exciting performances and endearing singles and attracting several nominations and awards to include the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, FANN Star Awards and the Soribada Best K-Music Awards. On the 10th of September, 2018 however, KNK terminated their contract with YNB Entertainment and signed on with 220 Entertainment on January 2nd, 2019. Let’s take a quick look at the KNK members profile and other facts there is to know about them.

KNK Members Profile

KNK is a five-member boy band consisting of Jihun, Seoham, Inseong, Heejun, and Youjin. In April 2018, Youjin left the group for health reasons and was replaced by a new member Lee Dongwon by December of that year. At the time of the change, the KNK band was no longer under YNB Entertainment. Check out the KNK members profile


First on our list of KNK members is Jihun who is the group’s leader and also doubles as dancer and vocalist. Born Kim Jihun on February 20, 1995, 6’6″ Jihun choreographed the dance for their popular 2017 lead single “Sun, Moon, Star”. He was a trainee with Nega Network before he joined KNK. He has also made it to a Bestie music video, the “MIX NINE” reality TV show and the widely watched drama series 20th Century Boy And Girl. Nicknamed Maskman, Jihun’s passions are soccer and dance videos.


Seoham has had an interesting go at his name since debuting with KNK. Born Park Gyeongbok on October 28, 1993, he officially changed his birth name to Park Seungjun and then to Park Seoham in 2018 to fulfill the wishes of his family. He was a Big Hit Entertainment trainee, appearing in the Mix Nine reality show and in films like Boys Be Ambitious and Essential Love Culture.

At 6’3″, Seoham stands as the tallest KNK group mate. He was a dancer, rapper and face of the group. Seoham has a younger brother, loves cooking, bowling and runs his Youtube channel: PARK SEOHAM.


Jeong Inseong was born July 1, 1994, and is KNK’s lead vocalist. He was also a trainee and has appeared on reality shows like Mix Nine. Like most KNK members, Inseong was a member of a YNB girl group Bestie where he was known as a backup dancer. His kind of music include Ballads, Jazz and HipHop. Nicknamed Rana or Jungsung, Inseong is positive in nature.


Heejun is 5’11” and has two older sisters. In KNK, he was a lead rapper. Born on the 8th of May, 1996 as Oh Heejun, Heejun was formerly a singer and guitarist for the Kokoma group. In 2013, he was part of the reality show Cheongdam-Dong 111 with Inseong. His best movie, however, is the 2015 comedy-drama film The Intern and the 2008 fantasy drama, Twilight. Heejun also loves to play the guitar and soccer.


Kim Youjin was born on February 10, 1993 in South Korea. He is 6’1″ tall and has three younger siblings. He was a former TS Entertainment trainee and has appeared in label mate Bestie’s “Zzang Christmas” music video.

In April 2018, Youjin left KNK to deal with panic disorders. Before his departure, he was the group’s vocalist.


Lee Dong Won replaced Youjin as the group’s newest member on December 19, 2018, and positioned as its rapper. Prior to joining KNK, he’s been friends to the groupmates, loving their singles “Sun, Moon, Star”. Dongwon was born on January 1, 1994, in Daegu and was a former FNC trainee. He loves fishing and is looking towards a bright future with the group.


Other Facts You Need To Know About KNK

  1. All five original KNK members have appeared on the music videos of fellow YNB girl group; Bestie, and have been their back-up dancers.
  2. The average height of the group is 184.8cm making them a band of towering, athletic artistes.
  3. On September 10, 2018, KNK terminated their contract with YNB Entertainment. This was largely due to managerial and monetary issues.
  4. One Defining moment for KNK members is when their 2016 comeback single “Awake” shot to number 14 on the Billboard’s World Album chart giving it the recognition as one of the most promising K-pop singles at the time.
  5. Their Fandom name is Tinkerbell.

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