Kody Brown – Bio, Family, Spouse, Kids, What Does He Do For a Living?

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Kody Brown is not like any other man you know. He is a reality TV star who has become famous for his reality TV show on TLC, Sister Wives. An unconventional family man, Brown has four wives and close to 20 children (biological and otherwise), upon whom his show is built. Most recently, the internet went abuzz with speculations that he might have married a fifth wife. Here’s all we know and all to know about him.

Kody Brown Biography

16th June 1969 was the day Koby Brown was born in Lovell Wyoming, the United States into the polygamous family of William Winn Brown and his three wives including Genielle Brown, Kody’s mother.

He was brought up alongside 9 siblings. However, there is nothing that is known about his childhood and education.

Before he started his show in 2010, Kody first worked as an advertising salesman. With his reality TV show, what Kody and his family are doing is to bring another narrative to the story of polygamy, something they believe the media has painted in bad colors.

Having premiered in 2010, the show has entered into its 12th season and it has come to gain a good acceptance among American TV viewers.

Family, Spouse, and Kids

As pointed out, Kody Brown is an unconventional family man who has taken advantage of that to build a very successful reality TV show. The American TV Personality is married to four women all of whom have combined to give him 18 children.

Although the law allows him to take only one legal wife, as a practicing Mormon, he is allowed by his faith to take as many wives as he can take care of.

The first woman that he got married to was as far back as 1989 when she was only 19 and Kody was 22. They were first introduced to each other by Meri’s sister and soon afterward, they started dating. They got engaged only a few months later and then they got married.

Meri Brown who was also born and raised in a polygamous home only has a daughter with her husband named Mariah Lian; she was born in 1995.

Brown got married to his second wife, Janelle Brown in 1993, only a few years after marrying Meri. Janelle has six children, Logan Taylor, Madison Rose, Hunter Elias, Robert “Garrison”, Gabriel, and Savanah.

The third woman in the family is Christine Ruth Brown who married Kody Brown a year after Janelle Brown (in 1994). Also raised in a polygamous family, she has 6 children with Kody – Aspyn Kristine, Mykelti Ann, Paedon Rex, Gwendlyn, Ysabel Paige, and Truely Grace.

In 2010, he got married to his fourth wife, who was born Robyn Alice Sullivan in 1978. Before they met and got married, Robyn was first married to David Preston Jessop from 1999 to 2007 when their union ended in divorce. From the union, Robyn had three kids all of whom have now been adopted by Kody. The adopted children are David Dayton, Aurora Alice, and Breanna Rose, while they have two children together, Solomon Kody and Ariella Mae.

Because he can only have one legally recognized wife, Kody divorced his first wife Meri Berber in 2014 and then he married Robyn. The marriage was not because he fell out with his first wife, but it was said to be so, so as to allow the children of his newest wife to benefit from his insurance. That said, all the other wives including Meri are still married to him spiritually.

Most recently, there was the speculation that Kody has added a fifth wife to his family, Leah Marie Brown. However, it has been confirmed that he has not added a new wife and for now, there are no plans to add.


What Does He Do for a Living?

As indicated, Kody is a reality TV star. The showbiz has become his main work since the Sister Wives began in 2010. Before then, he used to work with as an advertising agent. Nonetheless, since his popular show began, it is not known if he has taken any other job.

Inasmuch as the show has not made him the richest man out there, he is doing fairly well with it, banking home a net worth that is estimated at $800 thousand. He is said to be making anything from $25,000 to $40,000 for each episode of the show. It is thanks to this also, that each of his wives is said to have a net worth between $300 thousand to $400 thousand.

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