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Lily Chee is an American model and actress who began her modeling career after she was discovered by an agent of Wilhelmina Models while she was shopping. As a model, she has worked for big brands like Target, Old Navy and has also been on the runway for fashion brands likes Petite Parade and Alivia Simone. On the other side of her career, which is as an actress, Lily has achieved fame with several credits to her name. Learn more about the actress in the paragraphs below.

Lily Chee’s Bio & Age

Lily Chee whose full name is Li-Lang Grace Chee was born on September 19, 2003, in the United States of America into an Asian-American family. There are conflicting reports with regards to her actual place of birth. While some reports have it that she was born in Atlanta, Georgia others claim she was actually born in Brooklyn, New York. However, whatever the case may be, Lily is an American national by virtue of her birth country.

Information about her early educational accomplishments is somewhat hard to come by at this time as she has not disclosed this publicly. Thus, it is not known what schools she has attended or if she is being homeschooled.

Nevertheless, it is known that she began her career as a model after she got spotted while shopping, as previously mentioned. Lily Chee went shopping with her father after they had just seen a soccer game, which was when a Wilhelmina Models agent spotted her and deemed her apt to try out modeling. When the agent approached her, reports have it that she accepted the offer and her parents did too. She was 9 at the time and at such a young age, she modeled for Old Navy and Target. She also walked the runway for fashion brands like Alivia Simone as well as at the Petite Parade fashion show which gave her a lot of exposure including opening an opportunity for her acting career.

In 2016, Lily Chee landed her role as young Elektra in the television series Daredevil. She pulled off a lot of difficult stunts in the series and this endeared her to a lot of people despite playing just a minor role in the series. With her acting career already underway, the model starred in her next project as the character of young Jessica Rho in Sunset Park. The film starred actors like Sam Douglas, , Robert Miano, and others. Her next roles came in Chicken Girls (2017) and the web series, Zoe Valentine.

Looking at how well she has performed over the years in the few credits she has to her name, it is obvious that a lot more will still come from Lily as an actress.

Parents And Family Of The Model And Actress

Lily Chee, as you have read above, was born into an Asian-American family. Her father is Max Chee while her mother is named Rebecca Chee. She has two younger sisters – Mabel and Nuala Chee.

The model and actress is a family oriented person who loves spending time with her family members. Hardly will you see her on a vacation without her sisters. Her love for her siblings led her to introduce Mabel into modeling. So far, she has been doing well in the pursuit of her career as a model. On the other hand, Nuala is a social media personality and has got quite a decent following on her social media accounts.


Height And Other Fact About Lily Chee

Body Measurements

Lily stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 52kg. She has a bust measurement of 33 inches and wears a size 32A bra, her waist measures 23 inches while her hips are 33 inches. Her other noticeable physical features include dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

The model and actress still has a lot to achieve ahead of her. When she gets into the next and bigger phase of her career, no doubt, her net worth will be reflective of that. For now, however, Lily Chee has a net worth of about $400,000.


Lily is still known to be single as she hasn’t introduced any guy yet as her boyfriend. However, speculations have it that the actor and model, William Franklyn Miller might probably be her boyfriend as the pair sometimes put up their pictures together on social media.

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