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For decades to come, Linda Cristal will be remembered for spicing up the 1950s with her performances in notable Western films. Her role in The Perfect Furlough was so perfect it got her a Golden Globe Award nod which she won. After a brief hiatus in the mid-1960s, the actress made a comeback to star in The High Chaparral, scooping more prestigious awards in the process.

The High Chaparral must have been her way of taking a bow in a grand way as she took fewer roles after her regular spot on the series ended. Subsequently, Linda Cristal gradually faded away from the screens and the spotlight. However, we have all the deets you might find interesting about the beautiful Argentine-American actress.

Linda Cristal – Biography

She was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 23, 1934. Her parents named her Marta Victoria Moya Peggo Burges after her birth but she changed it to her current pseudonym – Linda Cristal, for professional reasons. Her father, Antonio Moya, immigrated with his family to Uruguay to escape political problems and that was where Linda acquired her education.

She started her acting career with appearances in Argentinian and Mexican movies and some of them were uncredited roles. Portraying Margarita in Comanche, a 1956 Western film introduced her to English audience. She hit a career jackpot when she made the cast of The Perfect Furlough where she portrayed the role of Sandra Roca to rave reviews. The film earned her the much coveted New Star of the Year title at the Golden Globe Awards. Following the milestone, she got the attention she needed which, in turn, birthed more film and TV roles.

Some of her film appearances were made in Cry Tough (1959), Legions of the Nile (1959), The Pharaohs’ Woman, and The Alamo (both in 1960); Two Rode Together (1961), Slave Girls of Sheba (1963), Panic in the City (1968), Mr. Majestyk and The Dead Don’t Die in 1974 and ’75 respectively. Her last film appearance was in 1977, playing Annie in Love and the Midnight Auto Supply.

Her television career is not as decorated as that of her film credits. She only made a few appearances, mostly in one episode. Rawhide takes the lead, followed by The Tab Hunter Show. She appeared in one episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in 1964 and after playing the award-winning role in The High Chaparral (1967-1971), she continued with her one-episode appearances in Cade’s County (1971) and The Love Boat (1981). After going back home to Argentina to play a lead role in Rossé (1985), Linda Cristal has not surfaced on the screens since then.

Her performance in NBC’s The High Chaparral earned her the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama in 1970 after which she bagged two Emmy Award nominations for the same appearance.

Her Net Worth

Despite the fact that she has been inactive for a while, Linda Cristal has an estimated $9 million as net worth. To a fair extent, this is not surprising considering the works she was part of before she crawled into oblivion.

Linda Cristal’s Spouse

Linda Cristal’s relationship timeline is like the subway during rush hour, very busy but doesn’t last long. She has dated a plethora of men both on and off the spotlight and has been married three times but is currently not enjoying marital bliss with anyone.

She first got married to Tito Gómez in 1950. A good reason not to get married in your teens, the marriage ended in five days. Linda waited a few years and on April 24, 1958, she had a secret wedding with Robert Champion, a businessman. Their wedding took place in Pomona, California and was announced publicly after a month. Apparently, Linda couldn’t have known that Robert would turn out to be her next mistake in the matrimonial front. They went their separate ways on December 9, 1959, following a divorce, with the actress citing mental trauma.

Her last marriage was in 1960 to actor-turned-real estate developer Yale Wexler. Though the marriage ended in divorce in December 1966, it saw to the birth of two sons – Gregory S Wexler and Jordan R Wexler.

Some of her romantic entanglements can be traced to Bobby Darin (she came between him and his wife), Greg Bautzer, Adam West, Buddy Bregman, Hugo Fregonese, John Saxon, and others.

Other Facts About The Actress

1. Within her first decade in acting, Linda Cristal got a Golden Globe Award and picked “The Latin Lovely” title by South American newspapers.

2. She lost her parents in an accident which she survived. She was also involved in a second devastating accident which took a toll on her career.

3. After her retirement, the actress acquired homes in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs. She equally owns an apartment in Buenos Aires.

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