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If you’ve been paying attention to the K-Pop music scenes then LOONA needs no introduction. The 12-woman band is the hottest music group in town and they have already churned out several hit songs since they banded together in 2016. Although they have been active since 2016, people started taking them very seriously sometime in 2018. That year, they won the MTV Europe Music Awards as the Best Korean Act and received a good number of nominations for other prestigious awards like Mnet Asian Music Awards for Artist of the Year and Best New Female Artist. They were also nominated for the Melon Music Awards, Genie Music Awards, and the Asia Artist Awards.

The following year, the group bagged the Korea First Brand Awards for the Most Anticipated Female Rookie Idol, MTN Ad Festival Awards for Commercial Star Rookie and Soribada Best K-Music’s Performance Awards, in addition to many more nominations. Here is everything you need to know about LOONA members and their awesome band.

The Profile of LOONA Members

Vivi (Wong Gaahei)

Before she became a LOONA member, Vivi used to work as a model using the name Viian Wong, but she became interested in pursuing a music career after she watched videos of 2NE1 and Big Bang. Vivi was born in Hong Kong on December 9, 1992. She was selected to be a member of LOONA after she performed a song by Josin Tsai during her auditions.

Vivi was debuted as the April girl, assigned the color pastel rose and given a deer as her animal representation. She is the oldest member of the group and the only one of them who isn’t Korean. In the beginning, she struggled with the language, but her bandmates have been helping her learn Korean. Vivi is one of the most flexible LOONA members. She weighs 42 kg, her role model is Hyuna and her first single album titled ViVi was released in 2017, on the 17th of April. While she featured JinSoul in the track titled “Everyday I Need You”, HaSeul was featured on the other track – “Everyday I Love You”.

Hyunjin (Kim Hyun Jin)

Born on the 15th of November 2000 in North Jeolla Province, South Korea, Hyunji hails from an artistic family. One of her older brothers is studying to become an actor, while the other is a composer and singer for a band. Hyunjin has a talent for music, dance, and sports. She is one of the most outgoing LOONA members. Her designated color is yellow, while her animal representation is a cat.

Very competitive and confident, it was on the 28th of October 2016 that HyunJin debuted as a member of the group. The next month, she dropped her self-titled album.

Yves (Ha Soo Young)

Yves was born on the 24th of May 1997, in Busan, South Korea. Her mother manages a clothing store. She has just one sibling, an older sister. Yves debuted as a LOONA member in November and her position in the group is that of main dancer, visual, and lead vocalist. She also serves as head of the sub-unit LOONA YYXY. Yves served as a trainee for 3 weeks before her debut. Prior to her K-pop career, she was a student at the Korean Dancing Academy and a model for MariShe. Her assigned color and animal are burgundy and swan. Disregarding her talent and the fact that she is a valuable member of LOONA, she stands out as the tallest member of the group.

JinSoul (Jung Jin-soul)

LOONA’s June girl was born on June 13, 1997. Jinsoul is represented by the blue beta fish and the color blue. She occupies the position of visual, lead vocalist, and main rapper in the band. She plays the piano excellently having studied it for 9 years. During her audition, she sang If You Return by Gummy. Before joining LOONA, Jinsoul was a trainee at DSP Entertainment.

Nicknamed Jindollie, JinSoul has black as her secondary representative color. She released her first single album on the 26th of June 2017; one of the tracks (Love Letter) featured Kim Lip.

Kim Lip (Kim Jung Eun)

The younger of two children, Kim Lip was born in the Chungju province of South Korea on February 10, 1999. She was presented as LOONA’s May girl and given the color red and an owl as her representation. Kim Lip serves as both lead dancer and vocalist for the group. She is able to play multiple instruments such as the violin, piano, and guitar. She trained for 1 year and 2 months before she was showcased as one of the LOONA members.

Kim dropped her solo album on the 23rd of May 2017. The graduate of Hanlim Multi Art School has quite a handful of nicknames like Lipbalm, Moomin, Dong Dong, Lippie, and others.

Go Won (Park Chae Won)

Go Won trained for one month after which she was revealed as the newest addition to LOONA. She serves as the band’s main rapper, vocalist, and lead dancer. Go Won is a student at the Lp Dance Academy. In the LOONA universe, she is designated with a butterfly and the color Eden green. Go Won was born in the year 2000, on the 19th of November.

Among other things, Go Won likes Nintendo and shopping. It is said that she was a student at Bakmum Girl’s High School but later abandoned her studies in favor of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Haseul (Jo Ha-Seul)

Born on August 18, 1997, in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea, Haseul is the main vocalist and leader of the LOONA sub-unit, LOONA 1/3. She is the group’s December girl, with a white bird and green as her color and animal representation. Haseul studied in the United States for a while, so she is fluent in English. She has one sibling and can play the piano and guitar excellently. Haseul became one of the Loona members after her rendition of IU’s Friday thoroughly impressed the judges. She has a fear of water and bird.

It is said that she wanted to further her education and study opera in college. But as fate would have it, her music teacher introduced her to a singing contest that changed her plans.

Chuu (Kim Ji-woo)

Hailing from a musical family, Chuu is one of the youngest members of the group. She was born on the 20th of October 1999. The oldest of three children, Chuu has two brothers. Upon joining LOONA, a peach and penguin were assigned to her as her designated color and animal. She attended Hanlim Multi Art School and was enrolled at the FNC Academy. Chuu has a bubbly personality. In addition to singing, she features in Essential Love Culture, a popular web drama.

Heejin (Jeon Hee-jin)

This guitar-strumming, Japanese-speaking LOONA member was born in Bundang District, in South Korea’s Gyeonggi province, on October 19, 2000. Heejin served as a trainee for one year before being unveiled as the first member of the group. She is a trained dancer, with a rabbit and pink as her animal and color representation. For her audition, Heejin performed Live by Lyn.

Olivia Hye (Son Hye Joo)

Designated with a wolf and the silver color, Olivia Hye has made a name for herself as one of the LOONA members. The Korean-born singer and dancer has celebrated her birthday on the 13th of November, every year since 2001. She spent four months as a trainee before being unveiled as the latest LOONA girl of the month. Prior to joining the band, she was part of the FNC Academy.

Choerry (Choi Ye-rim)

The July Girl, Choerry is represented by a fruit bat and the color purple. She is said to be LOONA’s most cheerful member because of her sunny and sweet disposition. She raps, sings and dances for the group, and also for herself on solo projects. Choerry has a vast collection of pens, which she considers one of her most treasured possessions. She was born on June 4, 2001.

Yeojin (Im Yeo Jin)

Born in 2002, on November 15, Yeojin is the group’s youngest member. Her color and animal designations are orange and frog. She is still in high school and manages to balance her academics with the demands of her music career. After LOONA won Best Korean Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018, Yeojin became the youngest person ever to receive an MTV award.

Facts You Should Know About LOONA

1. The all-girl band was formed by Blockberry Creative, one of the prominent music labels in the South Korean music industry.

2. The name LOONA is derived from the Korean words “Idarui Sonyeo”. It is said that the words in English mean “Girl of the Month”. As you must have guessed, it is why each of the LOONA members was unveiled in a different month.

3. The band had bands within it. The girls are split into one of LOONA’s three sub-units: Loona Odd Cycle, Loona YYXY, and Loona 1/3. Each sub-unit released a debut E.P, which was then combined to make LOONA’s first full-length album.

4. LOONA has so far headlined two tours: their debut concert Loonabirth happened in Seoul sometime in August 2018; this was followed by their comeback concert Loonaverse in February 2019.

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