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The position of Prime Minister of a country is one that requires putting in a fight when a fight is needed, going against all odds to achieve the thing you want; that which you believe is best for the people you’re leading. It is not an easy position that can be juggled with other professions but Malcolm Turnbull was able to manage the position of Prime Minister with his already busy life of being a barrister as well as a businessman. Keep reading to learn more about the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull Biography

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was welcomed to this world by his parents, Bruce Bligh Turnbull and Coral Magnolia on the 24th of October 1954. His father worked as a broker for hotels and his mother was an actress, an academic, and a writer. She was also related to another actress, Angela Lansbury; the two of them were cousins.

Turnbull is the only child of his parents and is of Scottish descent. His parents who decided to get married after his birth split up when he was nine. The middle name he has is a family name and is given to every child of the Turnbull family.

His Education

Malcolm Turnbull’s formal education began at Vaucluse Public School where he spent three years before he was shipped off to boarding school at the Sydney Grammar Preparatory School in St. Ives. He then went ahead to attend high school at the Preparatory’s high school campus as the recipient of a partial scholarship. His period in high school was a robust one filled with responsibilities. Turnbull excelled in literary subjects and won an oratory competition in 1972.

He graduated from high school in 1973 and in the same year, he got admitted to the University of Sydney to take a degree in political science and law. While at the university, he was an active member of the school’s politics and held a part-time job as a journalist. The year he got his degree in Law was when he won a scholarship to study Civil Law in Brasenose College in Oxford; he also maintained a job as a journalist while he earned his Bachelors in Civil Law.

Upon his return to Australia, he began his career in Law while simultaneously trying to get into politics. He served as the legal counsel and secretary for the media company Australian Consolidated Press for a period of two years before creating a law firm with a friend, Bruce McWilliam.

Malcolm Turnbull’s first attempts to get into politics were thwarted with the loss of an election in 1981 and in 1983 but he persevered and in 2000, he was made a party executive of the Liberal party. In 2003, he became a member of the parliament and by 2006, he was promoted to the position of a Minister in the Cabinet. His progress and growth in politics continued and in 2015, he became the Prime Minister of the country by challenging Tom Abbott for the leadership of the party; a challenge he won. He was Prime Minister for a period of a year and after his loss to Scott Morrison, he decided to resign from the parliament.

Net Worth

Turnbull has made a fortune for himself not just as a politician who managed to be one of the highest paid in the world. His wealth came from other ventures such as ownership of property but most importantly, his investment in a website right before the internet boom of the early 90s. This is what made him the millionaire he is today, with a net worth of over $180 million.


Wife and Children

Malcolm Turnbull met his wife Lucy Hughes in 1977 when he was twenty-three and she was nineteen. The first time they went on a date was with former Prime Minister Bob Carr along with his wife. Lucy has also had an active career in politics as she has worked as the Lord Mayor of Sydney for a period of one year. Yeah, she broke the glass ceiling and became the first woman to become the Lord Mayor.

Turnbull and Hughes got married in 1980, on the 22nd of March and in a quiet ceremony. They have two children together – Alex born in 1982 and Daisy born in 1985; this was after Lucy had suffered two miscarriages.

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