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Ornella Muti is an actress who achieved fame from her performances in movies like Flash Gordon (1980) and Oscar (1991). She first began her career as a model when she was still a teenager before later moving to acting. With a career that has been running since 1970, Muti has appeared in more than 80 movies and TV shows. Read on to find out more about her career as well as about other aspects of her personal life.

Biography (Age)

Even though the actress has come to be known as Ornella Muti, it is as Francesca Romana Rivella that she was born on March 09, 1955 in Rome, Italy. Her mother, Ilse Renate Krause, was a sculptor while her father, whose name is unknown, was a reporter.

Muti was raised alongside her sister, Claudia Rivelli, who is also an actress. When she was only 10, she lost her father and so the responsibility of caring for the two girls rested on the shoulders of their mother who had it very hard to provide for the family.

At the age of 13, Francesca Romana Rivella had not only grown very attractive but also beyond her age. It was at that time that she began posing nude in art school. She was also posing for men’s magazines without her mother knowing. When her mother and school later found out, she was almost expelled from school but for the condition of her family.

Much later, her older sister Claudia, who was at the time still an aspiring actress, took her to the auditions for La moglie più bella (The Most Beautiful Wife) (1970), which she was also attending. While Claudia was unsuccessful in her bid to get a role, the 14-year-old Ornella Muti was convinced to take the title role, as she went ahead to make her film acting debut. Around this time, Damiano Damiani, who was serving as the director of the film, convinced the young actress to drop her birth name for the new name she goes by because there was already an Italian actress at the time named Rivella.

Her next films Il Sole nella pelle (Summer Affair, Sun on the Skin) and Un Posto ideale per uccidere (Oasis of Fear) came in 1971 followed by The House of the Doves (1972). The coming years have seen her appearing in many more films including Codice privato (1988), Wait Until Spring, Bandini (1989), Domani (2001), To Rome with Love (2012), Checkmate (2016), and Magical Nights (2018).

A great actress, Ornella Muti has won a number of awards including the Actor’s Mission Award at the Art Film Festival 2002, Capri Global Award (2006), Golden Ciak Awards (1988 and 1989), and Career Golden Globe (2007).

Family – Husband, Kids

Only a few years after she started acting, Ornella Muti became pregnant for someone whose identity she did not reveal. In 1974, she gave birth to her daughter, Naike Rivelli. For years to come, Naike would grow up believing that Spanish producer José Luis Bermùdez de Castro was her father because her mother was in a relationship with him before she got pregnant. In 2018, Castro requested a DNA test which proved that Naike was, after all, not his daughter. Muti would later state that she didn’t know who the father was.

In 1975, Muti got married to actor Alessio Orano who appeared alongside her in The Most Beautiful Wife (1970). With no child between them, their marriage came to an end in 1981. The next man that became her husband was Federico Fachinetti, whom she married in 1988. The marriage lasted until 1996 before the couple split. They have two children together, Andrea Fachinetti and Carolina Fachinetti. Both Andrea and Carolina are actors just like their mother and half-older sister, Naike Rivelli.

Since 2008, Muti has been dating Fabrice Kerhervé. In 2016, there was a lot of backlash on the actress, her partner, and her daughter, Naike after the younger Rivelli shared her nude pictures which were snapped by her mother’s partner, who was visible in the photos through a mirror in his pants and T-shirt while Muti was under a table.

Ornella Muti Net Worth

As pointed out above, Ornella Muti began her career as a teenager. In the years that followed, she got involved in modeling and acting, making appearances in many productions, both in Italy and other parts of the world. She has also appeared in many commercials across the world, most notably for Giovanni Panzani pasta in France which has made her popular in the country.

With all these, it is only expected that the actress should have a good fortune. Although her net worth is still being reviewed, it is believed that she is doing very well.



In 1994, Ornella Muti was voted “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by readers of the magazine Class. That said, she is a woman with nice looks although she is not the tallest around, as she only has a height of 5 feet 6¼ inches (1.68 m).

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