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Many famous people today started life from a humble beginning, Pauline Hanson, an Australian politician is a typical example of one of such success stories. Pauline was born into a poor family with many mouths to feed but she found her way to the top after the travails she encountered along the way, running away from home and dropping out of school at a young age. She eventually passed through a couple of difficult marriages before she found her forte in the political arena of Australia.

Her first contact with politics was in 1994 when she joined Ipswich City Council. 1995 saw her join the Liberal Party of Australia where she was disendorsed after being preselected for the 1996 federal elections for the Division of Oxley. By 1997, she became a co-founder and leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party (PHON) but was unable to win an election. Pauline went to jail after she was found guilty of electoral fraud which resulted into her expulsion from her party, she was later reinstated as the leader in 2013 after her convictions were overturned in an appeal. She was successfully elected to the Senate at the 2016 Australian federal election.


Pauline Hanson was born in Woolloongabba, Queensland, on the 27th of May 1954. She came into a large family with seven kids where she occupies the position of the fifth child and the youngest daughter. Her parents were Hannorah Seccombe (mother) and John Alfred “Jack” Seccombe (father) who owned and ran a fish and chip shop where Pauline and her siblings helped out from a young age. Initially, she was involved with taking the orders and preparing meals but as she got older, she became involved in the administrative side of the business- sales, and bookkeeping.

For her education, she attended Buranda Girls’ School but later left to Coorparoo State School located in Coorparoo where she dropped out at 15 just before she dabbled into her first marital relationship and consequently first pregnancy. Before she became pregnant, she was a worker at Woolworths, as well as Taylors Elliotts Ltd but had to leave because of her pregnancy.

Net Worth

Pauline Hanson has amassed a handsome net worth of $6 million which has come mainly from her career in politics. Her wealth is expected to show some positive change at the next review since she is still very much active on the political front.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Pauline Hanson

Relationship Timeline

Shortly after she dropped out of school and ran away from home, Pauline Hanson tied the marital knot with her first husband Walter Zagorski on the 2nd of January 1971. Walter was an ex-field representative as well as a mining industry laborer from Poland. Pauline met Walter while they were co-workers at Taylors Elliots Ltd. Their union was blessed with two kids – Anthony, born in 1972 and Steven who came three years later in 1975 when the couple’s marriage was experiencing some frictions due to infidelity on Walters part. Their final divorce came in 1977 when her husband left her for another woman.

Her second and last marriage was to Mark Hanson, a worker on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They got married in May 1980 and had their honeymoon in South-East Asia. Her second husband is a divorced man with a daughter named Amanda from his past marriage. The duo later had a couple of kids including Adam who was born in 1981. Adam later became a brother to Lee who joined the family in 1984. Pauline Hanson and Mark set up a business in trade and construction with Pauline manning the bookkeeping and administration while her husband took charge of the practical side. Unfortunately, their marriage hit the rocks in 1987.

After her last marriage, she embarked on a dalliance with Morrie Marsden – a Queensland business man with whom she set up a catering service under the name Marsden Hanson Pty Ltd which was operated from their fish and chips store. They were together till the commencement of Pauline’s political career but Morrie left when Pauline became the focus of both national and international media attention.

Pauline has been involved with several other men, notable among them are; Rick Gluyas – Ipswich man who was elected with her in the 1994 Ipswich City Council election. Another of her lovers was David Oldfield in 1996. A country singer and political activist Chris Callaghan came into the scene in 2005, they got engaged in 2008 but unfortunately, the engagement did not culminate into marriage and they called it quits the same year.

Television Appearances

She has a record of several television appearances like; Dancing with the Stars, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Enough Rope, This is Your Life and Celebrity Apprentice.

She had a difficult childhood

She experienced much difficulty growing up due to her poor background which made her to leave home at a young age in search of greener pasture. By age 21, she was already divorced and a mother of two. Pauline went ahead to have two more kids from a second marriage before she started to establish herself in her political career.


Prison Sentence

She spent 11 weeks in jail after being found guilty of electoral fraud and sentenced to three years in prison in 2003. However, her conviction was overturned at an appeal hearing.


Pauline made an infamous statement that placed her on the firing line and made her party members disassociate from her. According to her, Africans were responsible for bringing Aids to Australia.

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