Priscilla Barnes – Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Where Is She Today?

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Three’s Company can be thanked for introducing the talented actress, Priscilla Barnes, to the world. Her performance in the television show is presently her most recognizable TV appearance. The show served as her springboard for the later roles she had in A Vacation in Hell, License to Kill, The Devil’s Rejects, Highway to Heaven and Jane the Virgin.

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Biography & Age

Priscilla Anne Barnes was born on the 7th of December 1954 in Fort Dix, New Jersey. Her father worked with the United States Air Force as a Major while her mother stayed home with the four children the couple had, including Priscilla who was the third of the four.

Her high school education was at Antelope Valley High School, where she graduated from in 1971. Priscilla Barnes has no university education as she moved to San Diego immediately after high school and began working as a waitress and dancer for two years.


Priscilla Barnes’ acting career began properly in 1973 when the comedian Bob Hope witnessed her performing and asked her to become a part of his troupe. Her first performance with the troupe was in Washington DC after which she decided to move once more; this time to Los Angeles. Shortly after, she got her first role on the small screen, in the television series, The New Original Wonder Woman.

Priscilla Barnes then had the fortunate opportunity of meeting the actor, Peter Falk. This chance meeting led to roles in movies and TV shows including Delta Fox, The seniors and Columbo. However, none was as big as her role in the 1981 television show; Three’s Company.

The actress was cast as Terri Alden on the show to replace Suzanne Somers’ character, Chrissy Snow. Though her publicity went from zero to a hundred, Priscilla has described her time on the show as the worst years of her life. After the first set of shootings, she had asked to be released from her contract but was denied.

During and after her three years on Three’s Company, she had roles in other movies and shows; the publicity she garnered from the worst three years of her life gave her the opportunity to meet more filmmakers. Some of her other performances include as Della Churchill in Licence to Kill, Dr. Claire McDowell in the 1989 science fiction film, Lord of the Deep, Roxy Free in the faux documentary/comedy, Sex Sells: The Making of Touché, and Magda Andel in Jane the Virgin, among many other roles.

In the early 70s, before Priscilla Barnes got her big break, she posed nude for Penthouse Magazine with the alias – Joann Witty. In an attempt to profit off her fame with Three’s Company, the magazine decided they were going to put up the pictures once more but this time with her real name. The case ended up in court but the magazine lost the right to publish it again with her name. When Penthouse appealed the initial case, they ended up in court again; however, the Court of Appeal still sided with Priscilla Barnes, preventing her from being exploited.

Family: Who Is Her Husband?

Priscilla Barnes has led a very quiet life away from the eyes of the public and not much is known of her personal life. In 2003, she got married to Theodore Mark Monte who is commonly known as Ted Monte. The two, who have been married for many years, remain happily devoted to each other.

Before her marriage to Monte, Priscilla Barnes had relationships with two other actors – Gary DeVore and Joel Schur.

Net Worth

Priscilla Barnes has been active in Hollywood for several decades, but she has not had the opportunity to have roles in blockbusters and high budget movies and this has affected her overall net worth which is estimated to be $1.5 million.


Where Is Priscilla Barnes Today?

Priscilla Barnes as very popular in the early 80s, her popularity dwindled after Three’s Company ended. However, she still has an active career as an actress. She is currently a part of the cast of the Jane the Virgin in a supporting role.

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