Chevy Chase – Bio, Height, Age, Spouse, Children, Net Worth, Is He Still Alive?

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Chevy Chase is one of the greatest comics to have ever graced Hollywood, thanks in part to his talent, the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live was brought to life in its early years. As is often the case with most comedians, Chase dabbled into films and over the years have earned a handful of awards to show for his works including but not limited to three Emmys. Over the years, Chase has hit his fair share of bumps, but regardless, he has managed to remain somewhat relentless, refusing to bow out to mediocrity. Regardless of how his last years in the industry pans out, Chase would forever be remembered in the entertainment industry; after all, he was once dubbed “The Funniest Man In America.”

Chevy Chase’s Bio, Age

On the 8th of October 1943 in Lower Manhattan, New York, Cornelius Crane Chase was born; the name “Chevy” was a nickname given to him by his grandmother when he was 2 years old. Chase hails from a very affluent New York family who have had wealth in their lineage as far back as 1624. His father, Edward Tinsley Chase, was a famed editor and writer for magazines in Manhattan while his mother Cathalene Parker (née Browning) whose adopted father was an heir to the Crane Company made a name as a concert pianist and librettist.

Unfortunately, Chase’s parents divorced when he was just 4 years old, leaving him to be raised mostly by his mother, who, as he would later reveal in his 2007 biography, had physically and mentally abused him. Chevy grew up to become a rather unsteady child as he was expelled from school a couple of times before graduating from Stockbridge School as a valedictorian.

He attended Haverford College during where his comedic side became very apparent. Originally aspiring to study medicine, Chase who was noted for his slapstick comedy switched interests to comedy. A talented drum and piano player, Chase was part of two short-lived bands. He would later attend Bard Colege from where he graduated with a degree in English.

While waiting for his comedy career to kick-off, Chevy Chase worked a series of odd jobs including as a cab and truck driver, motorcycle messenger, waiter, and construction worker. He began his career as a writer for Smothers Brothers and National Lampoon, the latter would become very successful churning out a series of successful Vacation films. Chase’s debut performance was in the 1974 film Groove Tube. His performance caught the fancy of Lorne Michaels who included him in the maiden season of Saturday Night Live as a writer, and the rest is history.

Chevy Chase’s Spouse and Children

Chevy Chase has since 1982 been married to Jayni Luke, they had their wedding precisely on the 19th of June in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. With Jayni, Chase has three children – all daughters; they include Cydney Cathalene Chase who was born in 1982, actress and writer Caley Leigh Chase born in 1984 and Emily Evelyn Chase who arrived in 1988.

Chase’s wife Jayni served on the crew of 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation as a location secretary. She was born as Jayni Ann Luke on the 24th of August 1957 in Los Angeles, California. An environmentalist like her husband, Jayni is the founder of Center for Environmental Education.

Following his alcohol abuse which saw him being diagnosed with alcohol cardiomyopathy, reports surfaced that his wife threatened to leave him, however, he cleaned up his act and the duo has since stayed married.

Should Jayni had divorce Chase, it wouldn’t have been his first time failing at marriage as the comedic actor has previously gone through two divorces. His first marriage to Susan Hewitt ended in divorce after just three years in February 1976 while his second marriage to Jacqueline Carlin lasted for just four years from December 1976 to November 1980. None of his two previous marriages produced a child.

Net Worth

Chevy Chase has SNL to thank for his fame as it proved to be his breakout, thanks to his successful segment Weekend Update. He left SNL after one season and for his first lead role which came in Foul Play (1978), he earned two Golden Globe nods. Chase achieved huge success with his films throughout the 1980s, among them; Caddyshack, Seems Like Old Times, Spies Like Us and Three Amigos. The 80s were no doubt the peak of his career as he was paid as much as $7 million per film role.

Chevy Chase’s career began to wane in the 90s as his successes dwarfed compared to earlier ones. He seemed to have bounced back with the main role in the TV series, Community (2009-2014), but his creative differences saw him depart. His career decline notwithstanding, Chase has done well to keep his wealth afloat as he is worth a whopping $50 million.

Is He Still Alive?

When a star’s career begins to wane, many often wonder if they are dead due to their less activity. Chevy Chase is still very much alive. His career might never get back to its high flying glory years, but the actor is willing to try regardless. After his alcoholism battle, that was sober and ready to work.


In addition to his deep baritone voice, another physical trademark feature of Chevy Chase is his towering height. Chase stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, and as a result, stood out among his co-stars during his early days on SNL, as a matter of fact, he was the tallest guy on the show.

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