Rambo: Last Blood – Release Date, Cast, Trailers And Spoilers

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Sylvester Stallone is a name that will not be easily forgotten in the history of Hollywood especially within the action movies genre. He has graced our screens with his impressive films choices and roles for decades, with the Rambo movie franchise being one of his most popular works. In addition to being an actor, Stallone is also a director, screenwriter, and producer. He has starred in a plethora of mostly over the decades and has not failed to live up to expectations in every one of them. Among his iconic movies are Rambo, Rambo: First Blood, The Expendables, Rocky, and Escape Plan, among others. The much-anticipated Rambo: Last Blood will be the fifth film in the Rambo franchise in which he continues to portray the lead character of John Rambo. The four films that served as prequels to this movie include First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988), and Rambo (2008).

This series was well received globally and was also a huge success at the box office. Even today, the movies from that Rambo franchise continue to be popular titles, serving as a testament to the international appeal of the Rambo franchise. In addition, the first films of the Rambo series defined the narrative and visual structure of the action genre during the 1980s and beyond.

Prequels of Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood, as mentioned earlier, has 4 prequels. The first Rambo film was released in 1982 and was titled First Blood and was directed by Ted Kotcheff. Interestingly, it was co-written by alongside Michael Kozoll and William Sackheim. The movie recorded huge commercial success with a box office total of $125 million worldwide.

First Blood was themed around John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran (Sylvester Stallone) who couldn’t stand the brutality and intolerance displayed by a local sherrif in Washington DC. He tries to put things right but gets in trouble with the Sherrif and his corrupt cops who beat him up. This infuriates the veteran who unleashes his fury on the officers. The movie featured stars like Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy, Bill McKinney, Jack Starrett, Michael Talbott, and Chris Mulkey.

The second installment of the Rambo franchise was released in 1985 and titled Rambo: First Blood II. It was directed by George Cosmatos. Sylvester Stallone also co-wrote this script with James Cameron. Its cast included Richard Crenna, Julia Nickson, Charles Napier, and Roger T. Murdock.

The movie was centered on John Rambo again as a Vietnam veteran, this time held in prison but given the opportunity to be expunged from his crimes if takes an offer to look for persons of war in Vietnam. He accepts the offer but vows not to get involved in any of the action. However, this stance changes when his lover is killed by American forces, which pushes him to take matters into his own hands. Despite having average critical reviews, this movie was a blockbuster, making more than twice the earnings of the first installment.

The third installment was released three years later in 1988. This time it was directed by Peter MacDonald and was titled Rambo III. Following the elements found in the previous installment, the character Rambo is still a Vietnam veteran who is saddled with the responsibility of saving his longtime friend, Col. Sam Trautman (Richard Crenna) from the hands of the ruthless Russian Colonel Alexei Zaysen. The roles of Stallone and Crenna were recurring in the Rambo series while some new additions (such as Kurtwood Smith, Marc de Jonge, and Sasson Gabai) were brought in. This installment was also a huge commercial success.

The last prequel of the Rambo series titled Rambo was released in 2008. The movie tells the story of John Rambo who has long retired from violence and resides at the Thai border. He is once again forced to embrace violence as he must rescue some missionaries who have been captured by the Burmese army.

Working alongside Sylvester Stallone as part of the cast was , , Matthew Marsden, Graham McTavish, and so on. It was directed by Sylvester Stallone himself. As for its commercial viability, it had the poorest box office sales of all the franchise films with just $113.2 million against a budget of $55 million.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Rambo: Last Blood?

The casting of this fifth installment retains Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, the protagonist. To back him up is a brilliant team of amazing actors and actresses (even though one may argue that they may not be A-list Hollywood actors). They include , Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, Yvette Monreal, among several others.

Trailers and Spoilers

A couple of trailers of the  5th addition to the Rambo franchise have been released. Some have been labeled “official”, although it has not been verified. However, according to the trailers and online spoilers, we have been able to gather that John Rambo must revisit his past and unearth his combat skills as he is tasked with the rescue of his niece who is kidnapped in Mexico. He would also come in contact with Mexico’s most deadly cartels in his quest.

The movie is filled with lots of action-packed scenes. There is a lot of gun use, explosions and so on, just enough to keep you fixed on your screen.

Release Date: When will The Movie Be Released?

Rambo: Last Blood is one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. Considering the legendary status of the franchise, it is not hard to see why. It will interest action movie lovers and Sylvester Stallone’s die-hard fans to know that the official date for the release of this film is on September 20, 2019.

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