Ready Player One Sequel – When Is It Coming Out?

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is a veteran director in the film industry and has many accolades to his name for the mastery of his art. However, in 2018, he revealed that the work he did on the adventure epic film, Ready Player One was the third most difficult one he has ever had to do in his entire career. This film is based on a novel and it explores a world where video games are a big part of real-life and people spend more time plugged in than actually living their lives. Although actions in this film take place in 2045, the pop culture of the eighties is a recurring motif. To learn more about this film and its possible sequel, keep reading.

When Is Ready Player One Sequel Coming Out?

In 2011 Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One, was published by Crown Publishing Group and it was a hit when it reached bookstores and libraries. But the best was yet to come for the book and its author.

The day Cline gave the publishing rights to Crown Publishing was the same day Warner Bros. bought the film rights for the book. Over the course of four years, the screenplay was written and rewritten until it was deemed good enough for production. In 2015, Steven Spielberg was brought on board as director and in the same year, actors began getting cast to play certain roles.

Ready Player One is set in a dystopian 2045, where the dire effects of climate change are beginning to manifest and the economic state of the world has dropped to distressing levels. In all of this chaos, a virtual reality world has been created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow. This world is called OASIS and it offers different types of entertainment. But the biggest part of the OASIS is a game and whoever wins the game becomes the owner of OASIS. Ready Player One contains pop culture references from the 70s and 80s, which is the era video games gained mainstream popularity; this gave the film very nostalgic tones. Ready Player One was made with $175 million and it made $582.9 million from box office sales when it was released in 2018.

Though there is no clear timeline for when the sequel of the film will be released, one thing is certain – a sequel is on the table. The last time Ernest Cline spoke about the sequel, he revealed that work on the novel’s sequel is going on. After the sequel of the novel has been released, talks for the film’s sequel will then commence.

The Casting Of Ready Player One

At the helm of the action in Ready Player One is Wade Watts who is played by , an actor known for playing Cyclops in the latest versions of the X-Men franchise. The makers of the film had wanted an unknown actor to play the role of Wade and of all the people who tried out for the role, he was best suited to play Wade. The character Wade Watts is part of a five-person team who clan up to win the prize. The other members of the team are Samantha Cook, Helen Harris, Zhou, and Toshiro. Cook is played by the actress, who was picked over and . Helen Harris, also is known as Aech, is played by while Zhou and Toshiro are played by Philip Zhao and Win Morisaki respectively.

Other Facts About The Movie

• When Zak Penn, one of the scriptwriters of the film, read the novel, he believed it to be too magnificent to interpret to film. There might have been truth in his words as Steven Spielberg, the film’s director, had similar feelings about the film after it had been made.

Ready Player One is riddled with Easter eggs from different aspects of pop culture not just from the seventies and eighties.

• As a result of all the references to popular films and books, securing the rights to some characters proved to be difficult but for most of what was needed, they were able to get the rights. The only films and aspects of pop culture not included in the film were those that had been made by Spielberg.

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