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Rebecca Broussard is a model and actress best known for her affair with  – a renowned film producer who is also known as a chronic womanizer. Rebecca, who had always wanted to be an actress, began pursuing her dreams in the late 1980s, but before that, she worked odd jobs to make ends meet. She once worked as a server at a Hollywood nightclub. Her debut movie appearance was in the blockbuster Die Hard. The movie was a huge success all over the world and even though she had a small role in it, the project helped popularise the actress. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much luck with several other movies she featured in and was eventually considered not good enough by filmmakers.

Some say she met Jack Nicholson through his daughter, Jennifer who she was friends with, however, she debunked the reports, claiming she had met him through a mutual friend. She began dating him in 1989 even when Jack was in a serious relationship with someone else. Rebecca Broussard went ahead to move in with him and gave birth to two children for the film producer before they split. After the split, Rebecca began getting into trouble and exhibited a couple of erratic behaviors in public.

Before Jack, Rebecca was married to former actor and record producer, Richard Perry, however, she had no children with him. Currently, she is married to actor, Alex Kelly.

Rebecca Broussard’s Bio

Rebecca Broussard was born on January 3, 1963, in Louisville, Kentucky. The identity of her parents are not known, neither are their occupations. Records show that she also grew up in her place of birth – Louisville but it’s not known if she grew up alongside any sibling. She attended her elementary and high school in Louisville, even though the names are withheld. Records also have it that she attended the University of Louisville for her college education, however, it is not known what course she majored in.

Soon after she graduated from university, she went on to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actress by moving to California. Her journey into the world of showbiz kicked off with modeling. She was able to get signed by a modeling agency and appeared on several print publications. In California, she took up odd jobs as a nightclub waitress, one of such clubs was the Helena’s Hollywood. She also appeared on many television commercials.

Broussard had her debut movie appearance in the blockbuster action film, Die Hard. It was a huge success all over the world. After this role came others such as The Two Jakes, a sequel to the hit movie Chinatown. She continued to feature in several movies as the years went by. Unfortunately, according to film producers, Rebecca was not an amazing actress, she acted poorly and most of her movies were commercial failures and hugely criticized. Some of her movies include French Exit, Point Of Betrayal, and Mars Attacks!. She was last seen on screen in the experimental short film Camera – this was in 2002.

What Is Rebecca Broussard’s Net Worth?

Throughout her acting career, Rebecca Broussard has been on the set of over 30 movies, even though most of her roles were small. With these roles, she has been able to garner a considerable amount of wealth. She was featured in the critically acclaimed movie Die Hard which brought the legendary action movie actor to the limelight. With all her hard work as an actress and a model, she has amassed a net worth of $10 million. She has been away from the screens since 2002. We earnestly hope for a better comeback from the actress.

Married Life – Spouse and Children

Rebecca is more popular for her personal life than she is for her career and achievements. She has been married twice in her lifetime and strangely, she is best known for an affair that lasted for over five years. It gets stranger, she only has children fathered by the man she was in an affair with, .

Her first marriage was to Richard Perry in the year 1987 and at this time, Richard was an actor but he is presently known as a record producer. This marriage didn’t last long and it ended the following year – in 1988. After, Richard came Jack Nicholson, not as a husband but as a boyfriend. She began dating Jack in 1989 at a time when he was in a relationship with Anjelica Huston, an American actress. She soon moved in with the film director and bore him two children, one of whom is the famous Lorraine Nicholson. Her other child is Richard Nicholson.

The affair ended roughly in the year 1994 and it is important to note that this relationship brought her a lot of fame in the 1990s and landed her a few movie roles, including that of the lead role in the straight-to-video film titled Blue Champagne – even though, the film was a total flop.

Currently, she is married to actor, Alex Kelly. Much is not known about her actor husband. The couple has no children together but has been together since 2001 and are still waxing strong.

Height and Body Measurements

The profile of most celebrities often come with information about their body statistics. This is because this information is often sought after by fans. Sadly, in the case of Rebecca Broussard, some of her measurements are unknown such as her height and weight. On the bright side, the sizes of her bust, waist, and hips are listed as 33-26-32 inches respectively.

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