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The Korean music scene is steadily on a rise with its amassing of large fan bases that go beyond the country and the Asian continent. This growth is not just limited to its fan base but to the increase in the number of musicians who belong to this genre. Red Velvet is one of the many music groups that belong to the K-pop genre and it is a girl group made up of five members. The group was created in 2014 by SM Entertainment. When Red Velvet was first created, it had just four members and by the following year, it had an additional member. To learn more about the members of the band, their discography and some facts about the group keep reading.

Red Velvet Members Profile

Bae Joo-hyun

She is considered as the leader of the group and is known by her stage name, Irene. Joo-hyun was born in Daegu, South Korea on the 29th of March, 1991. With SM Entertainment, she trained for five years after she joined the agency in 2009. Just like four other members of the group, she was part of the subsidiary team, SM Rookies. Irene also manages to lead a solo career as a musician, television host and model; she is the only member of the team who is a rapper.

Kang Seul-gi

In the tradition of entertainment industries in Korea, young people are recruited by agencies through auditions and Seul-gi was the first person to audition for a spot on Red Velvet. Kang Seul-gi was born on the 10th of February 1994, in Ansan, South Korea. She had always had an interest in entertainment; this is why after high school, she enrolled in the School of Performing Arts Seoul. Seul-gi had begun training with SM Entertainment in 2007 but did not have her official debut until seven years later when Red Velvet had their debut. Before the official debut, she had begun training for the group in 2013 under the SM Rookies group, where she was one of the first three artists to ever work with the Rookies group.

Shon Seung-wan

This Red Velvet member goes by the stage name Wendy and she was born on the 21st of February, 1994. Wendy lived in South Korea before she relocated to Canada where she stayed for a while and then moved to the United States. Her stay in the North American countries made it easier for her to pick up English, French, and Spanish. Before auditioning for SM Entertainment which she did not mean to do, Wendy had auditioned for three other agencies.

Park Soo-young

Just like the two other members of the group she uses an English stage name, Joy. She was born in 1996 on the 3rd of September. She is not only a singer but had appeared in a number of films and television shows. Of all the members of the group, Soo-young is the only person who did not work with SM Rookies.

Kim Yerim

The group already had their debut in 2014 before Yerim as she is known, joined the group in 2015. She is the youngest member of the group as she was born on March 5, 1999. Her audition for the group took place in 2011 but it was not until 2015 that she was introduced as a member of the group.


Red Velvet has so far released no less than two albums. The first album, The Red was released in 2015 while the second, Perfect Velvet was released in 2017. But these albums are not the only body of work the group has created. They have nine EPs which were done in the Korean language, two more EPs that are in English and over fifteen singles and one album reissue. Red Velvet’s music has topped the Gaon Album Chart which is the national music chart of the country.

Other Facts About Red Velvet

· In 2015, the group won the Golden Disc Award for New Artist of the year; this is one of the many awards that they have won.

· When Red Velvet was created they were the first female group that SM Entertainment had in five years.

· At the 2018 Olympic Games, which were held in Pyeongchang Red Velvet performed at the opening ceremony of the games.

· The group’s name is a pun on the nature of their music and their image as artistes.

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