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The A&E Network reality television series, , has been responsible for the fame and fortune that a good number of people now enjoy and Rene Nezhoda happens to be one of them. Like other participants of the show, Rene has been able to utilize the popularity of the series for his own good but what stands him out is his buying prowess and extensive knowledge on how to pull off fine secondhand sales – he has been doing this even before he became a teenager. Those who have been keeping up with the show don’t need to be told that he features alongside his wife Casey Nezhoda and that they have both been nicknamed The Bargain Hunters.

It was in the 4th season of the series that premiered in December 2010 that Rene became part of the series where he quickly earned a reputation for getting into trouble every now and then and for speaking his mind almost always. At such situations, his wife plays a good role in calming him down and having him focused on whatever they are dealing with. Rene has been able to land some good finds as a participant of the show which basically revolves around auctioning storage boxes.

As one would expect from any public figure, the increasing popularity that this American Television personality and entrepreneur has been gaining over the years has made him someone that a lot of people want to know more about. Sadly, most of the questions often asked about him have been left unanswered to a large extent. Anyway, the following is a detailed description of Rene Nezhoda’s life, including facts about his wife, wealth, and everything worth knowing about him.

Rene Nezhoda Biography

It is quite common to come across inquiries made about Rene Nezhoda’s age, his upbringing, family life, and other things like that. As regards to his age, we have been able to authenticate that he was born in 1977 on the 5th of April. Even though nothing is known about his mother just as it is hard to tell a thing or two about his siblings, we have been able to establish that he is originally from Germany. Known for his German accent, it isn’t had to notice this irrespective of the fact that the man likes to assert that he’s an American.

Ture, Rene Nezhoda is a citizen of the United States but it is said that he spent the earliest years of his life in Frankfurt, Germany and, that it was sometime in 1990 that his family decided to relocate to the United States. When they did, they settled in San Diego.

For his education, Rene became a student of the Las Vegas High School. Several reports have suggested that he didn’t get to further his education after he graduated from high school and there are reasons to believe that. While we can’t tell a thing about his mother and siblings, it is no secret that his father is Gunter Nezhoda, an actor. Some reports have pointed out that Gunter is married to Johanna Meyer and that Rene isn’t their only kid, he has a brother named Ricky Nezhoda.

If there is anything that everyone knows about Rene Nezhoda, it’s the fact that he has been a fine salesman since he was a kid. From antiques to collectibles and every other thing you can think of, he has been collecting, buying and selling things since he was 11. He thinks his mind is a database of what to look out for and an encyclopedia of second-hand prices. Considering this, it isn’t a surprise that the producers of Storage Wars wanted Rene to be part of the series right from its inception. But owing to his business and other engagement, it was in season four that Rene and his wife joined the show.

His Wife

Rene Nezhoda has been married to Casey Nezhoda for many years. When they started their relationship and the year they made it official has remained a mystery but the union has been a successful one. Apart from being part of the Storage Wars show, they share two children and are co-owners of the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store 

Rene Nezhoda’s Net Worth

You will easily find that the German-American TV personality and entrepreneur has a net worth of $1.5 million. While it isn’t difficult to believe that he has been able to acquire such wealth, we can’t authenticate that figure just yet.

Facts To Know About The TV Star

1. His wife was born on the 6th of September and in the year 1974.

2. Rene and his wife are passionate about their religion and wouldn’t shy away from discussing their Christian faith anytime.

3. The man and his family reside in San Diego, California and you will locate their store at Poway Road.

4. His wife was known as Casey Lloyd before they got married. Among other things, she is admired for her curly brown hair and curvaceous figure.

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