Rick and Morty Season 4: Release Date, Cast Rumors, Plot and Latest Update

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Since its debut, Rick And Morty instantly became iconic – its humour, its loyal fanbase and its daring plot guarantees it as one for the ages. Rick and Morty is a science fiction, adult-oriented, comedy animation that airs on Cartoon Network.

The show was created by Dan Harmon and and features the voice acting talents of Chris Parnell, , Sarah Chalke and . It has also had several prominent guest stars over the years from Nathan Fillion to  and .

The show which debuted on the 2nd of December, 2013, started as a parody of the 1985 hit film, Back To The Future.

The Plot Of Rick And Morty

The cartoon follows the adventures of the titular characters – Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith as they navigate adventures through the multiverse while trying to also balance their domestic life. The characters are capable of travelling to other dimensions and planets, thanks to Rick’s flying car.

It also focuses on their family – Morty’s parents Jerry and Beth (Rick’s daughter) and Summer, Morty’s sister.

Rick is characterized as an eccentric mad scientist who disapproves of basic everyday things such as family, school, love and money. His grandson, Morty, is naive and kind – he serves as Rick’s moral compass throughout the show. Summer plays the role of the traditional teenager who occasionally accompanies her brother and grandfather on their adventures. Jerry Smith, father to Morty and Summer and Rick’s son in law, is shown to be insecure and dislikes the influence his father in law has over his family while Beth, the mother, is portrayed as level-headed and assertive.

Rick and Morty Season 4: Release Date

Considering the first three seasons of the show were successful, the fourth season should be a no-brainer. However, development issues and uncertainty has plagued the future of the series, leaving fans tense and uneasy.

Though everybody on board, from the fans to the producers and the network, want the fourth season to proceed, production has been held up by different factors including contract negotiations. However, the creator of the show – Dan Harmon has promised fans that the show will return for a fourth season.

Currently, the release date for the fourth season has not been set.

Cast Rumors

As for casting for the fourth season, the original cast members will be returning to continue the show. There have been speculations about bringing in big names to guest star in the fourth season but so far, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fans have also been vocal of the celebrities they would like to guest star on the show from to Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (who appeared in Back To The Future, the film the series originally parodied).


Latest Update

Updates for the fourth season are limited so far but fans can expect the fourth season to ‘wow’ them as much as the previous seasons have. If there’s anything to expect from the series, it’s that there will be lots of laughs and wild plots and constant reminders of why the show is so beloved.

Facts About Rick And Morty

1. The show has been nominated for several awards including BTVA Voice Acting Awards, IGN Awards, IGN People’s Choice Award, Annie Awards, Golden Derby Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, Golden Reel Awards and Saturn Awards. And as expected, the show also won several of these nominations.

2. The show is very influential culturally. In the premiere of the third season, the show referenced McDonald’s Szechuan sauce multiple times. The sauce was created as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets to promote Disney’s 1998 film, Mulan. As a result, the sauce was only available for a limited time only. After it was referenced on the show, McDonald’s began serving it again due to high demand for the product.

3. Chris Parnell who voices Jerry Smith on the show has also voices Cyril Figgis on another adult-oriented comedy animation series, Archer, which airs on FX.

4. The series has been compared favourably to other animated shows including Regular Show, The Simpsons, Futurama, Adventure Time and South Park.

5.  Rick And Morty currently holds a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s high praise considering ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ is not easily impressed. On the website, television shows or movies rated 0–59% are considered ‘rotten’, shows or movies with 60-100% are considered ‘fresh’ while movies and shows with 70-100% are considered ‘Certified Fresh’. The difference between ‘Fresh’ and ‘Certified Fresh’ is that for a movie to be considered Certified Fresh, it has to be reviewed by 80 critics while 20 critics are required for television shows and five of those critics have to be ‘Top Critics’. Rick and Morty currently holds a ‘Fresh’ rating but only because it has not yet been reviewed by up to 20 critics.

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