Roberta Shore Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Roberta Shore is one of the Hollywood veterans that could be said to have enjoyed a rewarding career. Her career on the screens started quite at an early age. She made her first appearance on TV in The Pinky Lee Show in 1954. She was only 11 at the time. The show aired a couple of episodes and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy. Something about her struck key players in the industry. From them forward, she became a regular face and voice in many movies, TV series, and soundtracks.  

Roberta Shore’s Biography

Roberta Shore’s life started in Monterey Park, California. She was born as Roberta Jymme Schourup on the 7th of April, 1943. Roberta grew up in San Gabriel with her older sister, Madeline, and younger brother, Stan.

Her father was a huge influence on her as she took after his singing talent. Roberta’s dad played with a western band and he traveled a lot. Though she picked up quite a bit from him, they didn’t get to spend much time together in her formative stages. Thanks to a career that kick-started quite early.

Her singing breakthrough came when she began to perform at a local supermarket opening at age 10. Her singing prowess caught the attention of Tex Williams. Tex ran a weekly TV show at the time. With his influence, Roberta got the chance to perform live on TV every week. Her contract spanned 18 months. At the end of that contract, she joined The Pinky Lee Show, an NBC daily children’s program.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Roberta Shore

Roberta is quite an interesting and lovable personality. There are so many interesting things about her. However, these five stand out.

1. Roberta Shore Never Went To a Music School

To be as famous as Roberta was in the music business, you must have had some level of music education. It’s an unspoken rule. But Roberta Shore is one of the few people that defied it and still rose to great heights in their career. She is what many would call a natural. She learned to have control over her voice and singing at a very early age.

As earlier stated, this may have been something she got from her father. Beyond genetics, Roberta got better and really lucky. Linking up with Tex Williams was really a defining moment for her. Under Tex’s supervision, she got better at her singing. The early exposure also contributed to giving her the confidence she showcased much later in her career – both as a singer and an actress.

2. She Changed Her Name Twice

Unarguably, Roberta Jymme Schourup was going to be one heck of a name to pronounce. To become the brand that she is today, she had to change her stage name twice. The first time was when she met with Tex Williams. Tex was the brain behind changing her name from Roberta Jymme Schourup to just Jymme Shore. That became her brand name throughout the 18 months she spent at the weekly TV show.

Joining Disney Studios in 1954 led to another change of name. This time, Walt Disney was the architect. He felt that “Jymme” sounded like a boy’s name and should be removed from her name. This resulted in her changing her name from Jymme Shore to Roberta Shore. However, the only real change from her original name was the replacement of “Schourup” with “Shore”.

3. Roberta Used to Be a Disc Jockey

This may not be surprising now. But imagine a female disc jockey in 1984. That was some achievement for Roberta. She was almost anything you wanted from a showbiz entertainer. Aside from her singing ability, she was known for a number of other outstanding things that aided her quick rise in the industry. She was well-dressed, confident-looking, and was adorned with the pretty brunette bangs.

4. Roberta Shore Spent Just 11 Years as a Hollywood Celebrity

A career that started in 1954, with The Pinky Lee Show came to a climax in 1965. In the course of her career, she featured in 32 movies. She played a major role as “Betsy Garth” on The Virginian (1962). She also had other important supporting roles in A Summer Place, Because They’re Young, and Blue Denim.


5. She Sacrificed Fame for Family and Faith

In 1965, Roberta Shore shocked the whole entertainment industry with her early retirement. She was only 21 at the time and had a promising career ahead of her. Obviously for Roberta, family comes first. Also, as a die-hard member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she believed she owed her family and faith the utmost allegiance. She made a short comeback after her marriage failed with a role in the iconic 1974 LDS short movie, Cipher in the Snow.

Roberta Shore is enjoying good retirement life. However, she has been working on the side for a furniture business as a Rep.

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