Sadie Sink Bio: 5 Lesser Known Facts You Must Know About Her

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Sadie Sink is a young actress who is best known for role in Netflix’s superhit series, Stranger Things. The talented young star has been acting from a very young age. Today, she earns more money per episode on television than a majority of adults earns in a year of work; thereby, serving as proof that success awaits those who follow their dreams.

Still not sure who exactly Sadie Sink is? Get to know the actress below.


Sadie Sink was born on the 16th of April 2002 in Brenham, Texas. Beyond that, not a lot is known about her personal life. It can be assumed that this is the actress’ way of keeping a semblance of normalcy in her life.

While we currently do not have specifics about Sadie’s parents like their names, we know her father is a football coach and her mother is a math teacher. She grew up in a relatively big family with three older brothers and a younger sister.

It is no news that Disney range of films and television programs is a staple of the childhood of the majority of humanity. It was no different for Sadie who grew up on and fell in love with High School Musical. Sadie, along with her brother, Mitchell, would recreate scenes from the film repeatedly. Sadie’s mother took notice of her repeated actions and sent her to a community theatre near Houston to take acting classes. She was seven years old at the time. Her time at the community theatre helped develop Sadie’s acting skills and further led to her first acting job.

While many actors and actresses started out in theatre, very few can boast of making their debut on Broadway, in one of theatre most adored plays, Annie. Sadie was cast in a 2012 revival of Annie. Being a musical, Sadie took vocal and dancing lessons in preparation for the role.

While appearing on Annie playing the role of Duffy and an understudy of Annie, Sadie Sink guest starred in an episode of The Americans. Her second professional appearance in a major project marked the beginning of Sadie appearing in the best projects, something only the most successful and talented actresses can boast of.

Sadie Sink continued her trend of appearing in top projects in 2015, starring alongside the great Helen Mirren in The Audience. Sadie played the young Queen Elizabeth II in the Broadway play.

She got her mainstream break in 2017 when she appeared on the Netflix popular science fiction horror series, . Sadie was cast to play Maxine “Max” Mayfield in the series and although she was in a recurring role on the show’s second season, it’s been stated she will be taking a more prominent role in the show’s third season.

5 Lesser Known Facts You Must Know About Sadie Sink

1. She Is Vegan

Sadie Sink doesn’t eat meat. Although she already had a casual relationship with animal-based foods, she has to thank for her hardcore vegetarianism. She worked with the actor on The Glass Castle, a drama film about the life of Jeannette Walls. It was on the set of the film that she developed a close relationship with Woody and his family and was ultimately made a staunch vegan.

2. She Began Acting With Her Brother, Mitchell

We already mentioned earlier that Sadie Sink was sent to community theatre after regularly playacting scenes from High School Musical with her brother, Mitchell. She continued acting with him in the theatre at the beginning of her theatre life because she only felt comfortable around him. With time, she learned to act alongside other actors.

3. She Earns $150,000 Per Stranger Things Episode

According to IMDB, Sadie Sink will be earning $150,000 for each episode she appears in the third season of Stranger Things. She was initially on a $23,000 contract for the second season but after she became a fan favorite, her value increased.

4. She Has Two Award Nominations To Her Name

While Sadie hasn’t gotten an exclusive personal award nomination in her career yet, she’s been nominated for two awards – The Screen Actors Guild Awards and MTV Movie & TV Awards, along with her cast members.


5. She Loves Emma Stone

Who doesn’t? The Stranger Things actress is a big fan of the La La Land actress. While Sadie has yet to appear in a film alongside her idol – , with the quality of projects she keeps landing, she will in no time.

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