Sssniperwolf’s Bio, Parents, Educational Background, Marital Status, Career, Net Worth

Alia Shelesh (SSSniperWolf)'s Net Worth as of July 2024 is $7 Million

Quick Facts of Alia Shelesh (SSSniperWolf)

Net Worth$7 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 4 in
Date of Birth22 October, 1992
ProfessionYouTube Personality

SSSniperWolf, the online name of Alia Shelesh, is a popular American YouTuber. From a young age, she had a special interest in video games. It’s a really funny story about how she obtained her first gaming system.

Based on the biography she submitted, her father apparently had to buy a Sony PlayStation to stop her & her brother from fighting.

After becoming a skilled gamer as an adult, she created the SSSniperWolf YouTube channel. The well-known video game Metal Gear Solid is where she gained her online identity.

Response videos and Call of Duty gameplay footage are SSSniperWolf’s specialties. She has over 5.5 million Instagram followers in addition to the 32 million YouTube viewers she has.


SSSniperWolf Bio, Parents

SSSniperWolf was raised in a typical home in England from birth. Her real name is Alisa Shelesh. She moved with her family to America at the age of six years old.

Her social networking career began in the United States. She started playing video games for the first time when she was only six years old.

And since, she has managed to sharp her gaming skills on modern systems like PlayStation. Her parents also have given her advice on how to be successful in the gaming sector.

SSSniperWolf’s Educational Background

SSSniperWolf, who didn’t attend college, started attending a nearby community college while her career was at its peak. She could not combine her education and employment, thus she was forced to abandon her degree.

SSSniperWolf’s Marital Status

SSSniperWolf is currently a single man. She formerly had a romantic connection with Evan Sausage. They started dating online in the year 2015.

Soon after, they started dating, and she made a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend.” SSSniperWolf and Evan initially ran into each other at the airport.

They later acquired a house together. The collaboration first had growing pains and some difficulties, but things soon got better. She also said that they studied to be married.

We Broke Up is a video that SSSniperWolf published in May 2016. Later, she revealed she and Evan weren’t any longer dating and he had left their house. She also said Evan stopped talking with her and went to Vegas. The pair had reunited by June 2016.

But once again, the link was short-lived. By September 2016, she had made another video explaining their breakup and continued to live together peacefully as friends.


SSSniperWolf’s Career

SSSniperWolf was a popular YouTube channel among young gamers, and Alia Shelesh got a lot of recognition as a consequence of her rising social media stardom. SSSniperWolf has much more around 32 million subscribers.

Her additional social media channels have also proven to be quite effective. With more than 5.4 million followers across Twitter, Fb, and Insta combined, she has a considerable fan base.

After SSSniperWolf, the first YouTube channel gained popularity, she started a second one under the name Little Lia. The channel focused on giving viewers DIY video advice.

This channel, which has more than 3.74 million subscribers, provides advice on matters important to women, including home furnishings, soft pets, crafts, and recipes.

Regarding the reasons for the second Channel on youtube, Alia stated that she has always had a genuine interest in handicrafts and video games and wanted to convert this love into a successful business opportunity.

Due to the success of her second channel as well, she had become a favorite among housewives. The success of her secondary channel has helped her grow into a real internet superstar.

The attractiveness of SSSniperWolf sets her besides other YouTube-based gamers in a big way. Another characteristic that sets her apart is the variety of her skills.

SSSniperWolf is a globe hula hooper and a fantastic gamer. She expertly employs these skills in her recordings to increase viewership.

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth

In terms of her total wealth, she is extremely passionate about her profession and as a consequence of her passion, she has found great success in her industry.

Because she firmly believes in hard work will pay off, she has worked hard to accumulate a combined wealth of more than $7 million.

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