‘Supergirl’ Season 5 Cast And Characters We Want To See Again

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With its season 5 approaching, it’s easy to see why the Supergirl TV series is notable for having a remarkable run since it premiered in 2015. It undoubtedly earned a spot among the best female-led superhero shows, falling in the same category with the likes of Jessica Jones. Its central character, Kara Danvers, came to life with the admirable acting talents of and with a string of other notable female leads, Supergirl hit jackpot from its first year through to its fourth year.

Read on as we unveil what makes this show so popular among TV lovers and know the possible release date as well as cast members of season 5 of Supergirl in this piece.

The Plot Of Supergirl

The superhero show, Supergirl has Kara Danvers, who is portrayed by the vibrant, Melissa Benoist, as its lead character. Kara Zor-El, who took the name Kara Danvers when she arrived Earth, is originally from  Krypton. It is also worth knowing that she is related to Kal-El, who is none other than Superman.

Kara found herself on planet Earth after she was saved by her parents who sent her in a pod to Earth when Krypton was destroyed. She was in her teenage years when she left Krypton while her cousin, Clark Kent was merely a toddler. Kara was given the responsibility to protect Clark, however, due to an unforeseen complication during her journey to Earth, Kara arrived after Clark landed on Earth. To further complicate her task, there was a major time difference lapse during which Clark had turned into a full-grown man on Earth before Kara’s arrival.

The Supergirl series explores Kara’s life on earth after she decides to take the superhero mantle and it is safe to expect that Season 5 will tread the same path.

The young girl ended up growing up with the Danvers family after she was placed under their custody. Kara tried to live a peaceful life devoid of superhuman powers but that was shortlived. The first season of Supergirl shows Kara’s connection to her boss, Cat Grant played by Calista Flockhart, as she tries to balance her professional life and her hero responsibilities.

Another character that also stole the spotlight in the Supergirl series all through the seasons was Alex Danvers, Kara’s foster sister, and an undercover DEO agent. Her character was portrayed by .

The Supergirl series also showcased diverse female villains over the years and it assumed season 5 will be no different.

When Is The Release Date Of Supergirl Season 5?

The upcoming season of Supergirl is believed to center around a possible conflict that may arise between Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers after Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl. At the moment, fans of TV series should just count down to show’s release date on October 6th, 2019 to find out how things in season 5 of Supergirl will play out.

Previous seasons of the show have had between 20 – 23 episodes, as such, it is expected that Season 5 will also have a similar amount of episodes.

Cast And Characters We Want To See Again In Supergirl Season 5

Some of the characters we would definitely want to see again in Supergirl season 5 include the major cast members like Melissa Benoist reprising her role as Kara Danvers a.k.a Supergirl, as James Olsen, Chyler Leigh coming back as Alex Danvers, and as Lena Luthor.

Jesse Rath will also be returning as Querl Dox/Brainiac 5 and in an interesting turn of events, Jesse Rath’s sister, Meghan Rath, will appear as a guest star playing a female version of Brainiac 5. Nicole Maines is also expected to appear as Nia Nal and David Harewood should return as J’onn J’onzz.

It is also gathered that Azie Tesfai who appeared in season 4 as Kelly Olsen will be joining the main cast of Supergirl season 5 as well as Andrea Brooks who played Eve Teschmacher. In addition to the two, we also expect to see the likes of Julie Gonzalo as Andrea Rojas and Staz Nair as a renowned reporter, William Dey.

Former main cast member, Jeremy Jordan will be returning as Winn Schott in Season 5 of Supergirl with a guest role, to the excitement of fans who have followed the show from the beginning.

Rahul Kohli will also be returning as Jack Spheer, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane and Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent a.k.a Superman.

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