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Today, the world truly is a global village, with modern technology and platforms, especially social media, the sense of distance is only relevant in the physical realm. In the digital world where over 70% of the human population now lives in, distance does not exist, and this revolution has birthed several amazing things, one of which is the popularity of South Korean music usually known as “K-Pop”. From BTS to Big Bang, K-Pop is now one of the leading subcultures of music in the world. This new wave has brought a few personalities into mainstream popularity, such as Taeyang. He is a member of the boy band, Big Bang and one of K-Pop’s biggest global stars.

Taeyang – Biography, Age

Taeyang’s parental information is currently unknown but a few facts are still available about the singer’s childhood, his full name is Dong Young-bae, but he adopted Taeyang as his stage name. The K-pop star was born on 18th May 1988 and raised in South Korea, specifically in Uijeongbu, the Gyeonggi-Do province.

Taeyang was introduced to music at a very young age, getting his first experience with the soulful bliss of music through the piano, learning the works of Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven. Through them, Taeyang fell in love with music as an art form. As he continued to grow, his sense of responsibility forced him to find a job when he was in the sixth grade and his family was struggling financially. As someone who loved art, he searched for a job in creative art, specifically acting. He went for an audition for a part in a music video, A-yo, a Jinusean song and won the part to play mini-Sean in the video.

While he was on set, he got his first introduction to hip-hop music and fell in love with it. After the completion of the video, Taeyang took the opportunity of his proximity to the label CEO’s presence and begged for an opportunity to become a singer. After hours and days of imploring and persistence, he was given an opportunity to audition and become a trainee for the label, YG Entertainment. He did and he was signed on as a trainee.

It was while he was a trainee at the label, Dong met his current bandmate, Kwon Ji-yong with whom he became fast friends. As a trainee, Taeyang began to show the talents in his arsenal, providing the verse in songs like Wheesung’s Player.

The group Big Bang was formed while Taeyang was still a trainee, it was formed along with other trainees who joined after Taeyang – TOP, Daesung, Seungri and Hyun-Seung, who later got dropped to make the group the five-man band that it is today.

Initially skeptical about becoming part of a group, Taeyang kept his place in the group; it wasn’t the only decision that worked out well for him. After a long considerable time with the band, Taeyang decided to settle as a singer instead of the rapper he initially had in mind.

As a member of Big Bang, Taeyang has released 8 albums both in Japanese and his native language, Korean. As a solo artist, he has to his name, three albums – Solar (2010), Rise (2014), White Night (2017). His first solo album, Solar was the first K-Pop music album to be sold worldwide on Apple’s music platform, iTunes, while his second album Rise holds the record as the highest charting album of a Korean solo artist on the Billboard 200 chart.

His impressive career has earned him multiple music awards from various award bodies like the Korean Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, and the Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award. According to analysis, he has sold an estimated 10 million records.

Net Worth

You don’t sell over 10 million records and be one of South Korea’s leading artists without earning some serious money in the process. Taeyang is currently believed to be worth $11 million which is fitting for a man of his talent and success.


Taeyang’s Girlfriend or Wife

Taeyang dated Min Hyo-rin for 5 years before the two got married in a lovely ceremony on the 3rd of February, 2018. His wife, Min Hyo-rin is a South Korean actress and model born on the 5th of February 1986 as Jung Eun-ran. Since her career took off in 2006, she has modeled for well known brands and has some good movie credits to her name. More so, since her relationship with Taeyang was made public knowledge, her demand has increased in the best way possible.


Asians are not particularly known for their impressive height, and the situation is not different for Taeyang who stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, weighing just 70kg. He does, however, have an athletic build which makes him an attractive man especially to his teeming female fans.

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