Teen Titans Go: Popular Voices Behind The Cast And Characters

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Teen Titans Go! is one of the greatest and most viewed American animated series. With more than 3 million views on its initial release on April 23rd 2013, the series became one among three of the most highly-rated and most viewed TV shows in the United States. It is based on characters from the DC Comics superhero fictional team and came into being as a result of the gained popularity of one of DC’s successes New Teen Titans animation. With a total number of 5 seasons and 255 episodes, the series serves a completely different style of animation which is rather a comedic spin-off.

The series featured amazing cast members and characters that we completely fell in love with. Below is a list of the popular voices behind the characters that completely blew many of us off our feet.

Teen Titans Go: Voices Behind The Cast And Characters

Scott Menville

Scott is not just an actor cum a voice actor but also a musician. The actor is widely known for his unique voice in animations and TV series. In this animated series, he voiced ROBIN, the famous leader of the superheroes team, and also the only titan with no superpowers or the ability to change himself and others. He has a well-equipped arsenal and combating tools which he heavily depends on during battles. His cache of weapons includes bird ranges, grapple guns, and bo staff. He’s also brisk, quick and alert and is a good detective and martial artist.

Hynden Walch

The Hollywood actress is also a voice actress, singer, and writer. The actress is popularly known for lending her voice in animations such as ChalkZone, Adventure Time and Kid Icarus: Upraising. In Teen Titan Go! She’s the voice of STARFIRE, an alien princess with orange skin and green eyes. She has an incredibly and formidably superhuman strength, coupled with her ability to fly and out-send bright green energy bolts from both her hands and eyes. She’s so different from Robin who is seen as apathetic, and she’s seen as very kind, happy, fair disposition and friendly and this she does even in battle.

Khary Payton

The voice actor is famous for his voice role of the popular DC comics character CYBORG in different films, animations, and even video games. That’s not all, he’s also widely known for featuring a live-action performance such as The Walking Dead and General Hospital. He continues with his voice role of Cyborg in Teen Titans Go! – a proud African-American boy with an intimidating height who is made up of mainly robotic parts and his slide natural body. His body is his weaponry as it is made up of secret weapons like lasers, missiles, ATM, and also coupled with a jet propulsion system that enables him to fly.

Tara Strong

The Canadian-born American actress gained popularity for her series of voice-over works for animations and video games and has featured in live-action pieces. She’s the voice of a mystical half-demon named RAVEN whose superpowers and abilities are driven by a spell “Azarath Metrion Zinthos” which goes on to say that she uses magical powers to fight her foes.

Her combat attire is made of a violet-blue cloak that covers her body frame and often casts a shadow on her face. She’s also seen as someone who is emotionless and unsympathetic and her conversation with fellow members of the superheroes’ team is often embedded in sarcasm and display of demonic anger.

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Greg Cipes

The American actor, voice actor, and musician became widely known when he was cast as a member of the reality TV show twenty-four seven. His most well-recognized roles include voicing cartoon characters. In this animated series, he’s the voice of BEAST BOY, a very young green-skinned boy with the power and ability to change from a human to an animal. He wears a purple and black doom patrol uniform and is a complete laid-off member of the team who is sluggish and lazy.

Asides these main popular voices and characters, there are also other members of the cast that are worthy of mention as they are popular in their own unique ways: they include Kevin Michael Richardson who voiced TRIGON; Lauren Tom as GIZMO and Kate Micucci – the actress/voice actress, comedian, singer and songwriter who voiced Parry.

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