The Last Full Measure: 5 Facts About Sebastian Stan’s War Movie 

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In the film industry, there are genres and niches that appeal to certain types of audiences. However, there have been occasions where a film from one niche is appreciated by the mainstream audience but without fail, fans of that genre are sure to visit cinemas in droves when such a film is released. The same can be said about the upcoming war film, The Last Full Measure, which is expected to hit cinemas sometime in October 2019. This film follows the pattern of war films with its large action sequences and its theme of sacrifice. To learn five interesting facts about The Last Full Measure keep reading. 

The Last Full Measure: 5 Facts About Sebastian Stan’s War Movie

1. A True Life Story

War films are usually reenactments of events that have taken place in one of the many wars that have been fought in history. In some cases, these stories are fiction while, on the other hand, they are based on events that have actually taken place. The Last Full Measure falls in the latter category as the film is based on the life of William H. Pistenbager, Jr. 

Pistenbager was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He died when he was twenty-two, on the 11th of April, 1966. Pistenbager had been dispatched to extract casualties from a battle that was going on, but the helicopter he came in had to fly back because it had been hit. William Pistenbager decided to stay with the injured soldiers and help with medical aid while still returning fire. He was killed that night by snipers and for his valor, bravery, and sacrifice, he was awarded the Air Force Cross Medal but in 2000 he was awarded the Medal of Honour which was received by his parents. This film is about the fight to get him the Medal of Honour he deserved. 

2. Who are the Cast Members?

The Last Full Measure is expected to feature an ensemble cast. , who is known for playing the character of Bucky in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be playing Scott Huffman, the lawyer who fought to get Pistenbager the correct award he should have. Jeremy Irvine who was in the 2011 war film, War Horse, will be playing William Pistenbager Jr. while plays William’s father, Frank Pistenbager. Samuel L. Jackson, William Hurt, and Peter Fonda are the other industry heavyweights that are in this film. 

3. Close Resemblance to the Story of a Novel

The name of the film, The Last Full Measure, is also the name of a novel which also tells a war story. The novel was written by Jeffrey Shaara and it is a sequel to the novel, Gods and General, which was written by Jeffery’ father Michael Shaara. It also completes the trilogy that his father had started. While the war novel’s focus is on the American Civil War and the story is fictional, the events in the film take place in the much younger war – the Vietnam War – which is based on true life happenings. 

4. How Todd Robinson Came Across Pistenbager’s Story

Todd Robinson, who wrote and directed the film, had heard about the Pistenbager story when he was doing research for another war film in 1999. Robinson had visited schools for Air Force training and the goal of his visits was to hear about pararescue jumpers, the job that Pistenbager had in the Air Force, and everywhere he went, he heard the story of William Pistenbager’s bravery. The period he was visiting these schools was around the same time that the appeal for his award to be changed to a medal of honor was gaining traction, which only helped in the propagating of his story.

The Last Full Measure was produced by seven different production houses and by twelve producers while filming took place in two locations, Atlanta and Thailand. 


5. Release Date

The Last Full Measure is expected to be released on the 25th of October, 2019. Its distribution will be handled by Roadside Attractions who snagged the deal in 2018. However it will not be released at the same time in all countries that it will be screened at, but by the 31st of October, it is expected to be have hit cinemas worldwide.

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