The Man In The High Castle Cancelled Or Will There Be Season 5? 

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The Man in the High Castle is best known as one of Amazon’s most viewed series. The movie which is an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel has so far had a successful running time. It has recorded very high ratings and has been listed by Forbes alongside hit movies like The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Expanse, The Grand Tour, Fleabag, Bosch, Patriot, Good Omens, and Jack Ryan. It is also one of Amazon’s highest-rated and most-watched original TV series on IMDB. With three seasons released since 2015 – each with ten episodes, the last batch of episodes is set to be released towards the end of 2019. This will be the fourth season and from what has been gathered, it will also be the sitcom’s final season.

However, news of the show’s cancelation in February 2019 definitely came as a shock as all parties have invested in it, fans, cast, and crew alike. Viewers have also wondered whether The Man in the High Castle will have a season 5 against all odds or not. Read on to get the full details of the story.

The Man in the High Castle Plot

This popular series is set in a parallel universe fifteen years after the allied forces lost World War II to the Axis powers following Giuseppe Zangara’s successful assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Eastern and Midwestern North America, referred to as American Reich or Nazi America is now under the control of the Greater Nazi Reich. The Japan Empire assimilates former American citizens into its culture and the Germans are leading in Technology. Some episodes showed various other Earths, where the allies won in some while some showed executed world leaders like Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. The Man in the High Castle is also notable for being filmed in various locations which include, Seattle, Washington, Monroe, and Vancouver.

Production of The Man in the High Castle

The show had David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan, Jean Higgins, and Michael Cedar as its producers. Its executive producers include Isa Hackett Dick, Kalen Egan, Stewart MacKinnon, Christian Baute, Christopher Tricarico, , David Semel, Jace Richdale, Richard Heus, and Frank Spotnitz. Its production was handled by Amazon Studios, Scott Free Productions, Electric Shepherd Productions, Headline Pictures, Big Light Productions, and Reunion Pictures. However, it was distributed by only one firm which happens to be no other than the Amazon Studios.

The Man in the High Castle premiered in 2015 and was well-received by critics as well as viewers. The second season was released in 2016 after which the Executive Producer, Frank Spotnitz left the show because of budget and location issues. In 2017, Amazon brought on a new Executive producer, Eric Overmyer to replace Spotnitz and the third season was released in October 2018.

Is The Man in the High Castle Cancelled?

The show’s renewal for season four which is set to premiere in the fall of 2019 was announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con event. However not too long after that, the heartbreaking news of its cancelation followed in February 2019. This has also been confirmed by the production team and for fans and critics, it means all they can look forward to is the fourth season which will be out by November 15th, 2019.

Will There Be A Season 5?

Since the sitcom will wrap up at the fourth season there is, therefore, no plans for a season 5. Executive producer and daughter of author Philip K. Dick, Isa Dick Hackett, said in a statement, that she believes fans of the show would be pleased by the epic final season they have in store. She also said she hopes to build on their successful partnership with Amazon and that lovers of her father’s work should stay tuned as there’s certainly more to come.

Head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke also added that they are extremely proud of all The Man in the High Castle team as they have worked very hard over the years to make the show the success it is today. She also said she cannot wait for fans to see what the coming episodes have in store for them. Salke further stated that Amazon Prime Videos is grateful for what the show has done for them and that they will continue to partner with Isa and Electric Shepherd Productions for future adaptations of Philip K. Dick’s works.

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