Three Amigos – Cast, Best Quotes, Is There A Sequel?

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Three Amigos is a film made in 1986 set in the mid-western era around 1916 in Santa Poco, a village in Mexico. The movie tells the story of a comedic Californian trio of silent film actors, who are fired by Harry Fugleman, their studio executive, when they insist on a raise. Before their dismissal, they are portrayed on screen as Three Amigos – a great bandit fighting team.

The film follows the three actors -Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander starting out as three friends with little brilliance among themselves. After an unexpected mixup, they respond to the telegram sent by Carmen, a pretty village girl from Santo Poco, asking for help for her village. This leads them into an action-filled, humorous and life-threatening twist of events. After the ups and downs, they eventually inspire the villagers to come out and defend their property, land, and lives from the notorious and terrorizing El Guapo and his gang.

Background Of The Three Amigos

Three Amigos was an original idea by and it was written by the actor, Lorne Michaels and Randy Newman who contributed three of the movies original songs. The director was John Landis, who was on trial at the time for the “Twilight Zone” tragedy, and the producers were George Folsey Jr and Lorne Micheals. HBO was the production company for the movie and it was distributed by Orion Pictures.

After its release, Three Amigos has in total gross $39.2 million dollars on the Box office. The movie was shot in five main locations in the United States – the Coronado National Forest, Hollywood, Old Tuscan Studios, California and the Simi Valley.


The cast was made up of 39 actors and actresses. Of these 39 actors key roles were taken by the following actors and actress – as Lucky Day, as Dusty Bottoms, as Ned Nederlander, Alfonso Arau as El Guapo and the late Patrice Martinez as Carmen. Randy Newman was the voice of the singing bush in the film.

Best Three Amigos Quotes

Three Amigos has been criticized by the rotten tomatoes movie ratings as having limited funny dialogues and a missing sense of intentional humor along with its scenes, as most of the comedy is created by actions.

However, some quotes stand out for the associated context and the main characters’ dimwittedness. An outstanding film quote is Lucky Day’s “in a way, all of us has an El Guapo to face…” and it is quite a popular quote that many can associate with because he generalizes the bad guy El Guapo to all possible obstacles people face which threatens their daily achievements in several ways. It also emphasizes the importance of surmounting problems in order to succeed. Facing each individual ‘El Guapo’ is the way he encourages the villagers to know they can conquer their worst nightmare and his gang of bandits.

Another example is when El Guapo acknowledges that he is a dirty and mean bandit lord and his quote on his smell depicts how well he has accepted himself that way.

Another silly quote in Three Amigos is taken from the dialogue between Lucky Day and Dusty when he tries to explain to him the meaning of the word infamous. Lucky tells Dusty that infamous refers to when someone is more than famous and they want to even meet and perform with him because they think that he is definitely a talented Mexican actor.

Some quotes were derogatory in nature to Mexicans and the movie was never officially released in Mexico; however, Landis, its director, debunked this statement in an interview saying the movie had actually done better on the foreign film market than domestically.

Is There A Sequel?

Despite the sparked interest of fans over the years, the movie Three Amigos never got a sequel. The plot of the story landed on a safe conclusion and after so many years, the most probable plan would be a remake of the original storyline with similar but enhanced plots made better and more relatable to our day and age.

Three Amigos had an above-average acceptance at the time and continues to be a comedy tradition in many homes.

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