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VAV is a K-pop band consisting of 7 young men put together by A-Team Entertainment, which is one of the leading talent management agencies in South Korea. They released their first EP in 2015, and have released at least 4 other albums after that. The group sings and raps principally in the Korean language, but they have been known to have mixed it up with the Chinese, Spanish, and even English language occasionally. The group’s songs and videos have a decent following online as most of their videos on YouTube millions of views. Some VAV Members are multi-lingual, and this has helped to create a refreshing blend of pop songs that the group is known for.

Profile of VAV Members

St. Van

St. Van, whose real name is Lee Guem Hyuk, was born in South Korea on December 22, 1991. He is the oldest member of the group and was named the “daddy” of the group. He is bi-lingual and can speak both Korean and Mandarin languages fluently, having spent about 13 years in China. St. Van’s gentle disposition and leadership qualities naturally made him the leader of the group and its main vocalist; he is also an excellent keyboard player.


BaRon was born in Osan, South Korea on April 19, 1992, and was named Choi Chung Hyeop at birth. He was a member of a dancing group called The Immigration before joining VAV where he is undoubtedly the best dancer in the group. He speaks both Korean and English languages perfectly, and his vocals are silky smooth. He plays the piano really well and is some sort of athlete when he is not on stage performing.


Born on August 28, 1992, in Anyang, South Korea, his real name is Jang Wooyoung. He plays the guitar, has a really good voice and can also dance very well. When he is not singing and performing on stage, he loves acting and watching movies, with Titanic being his favorite. He also plays football and is roommates with St. Van.


Ayno is another South Korean in the group and was born on May 1, 1996; his real name is Noo Yoonho. He took part in several auditions and competitions such as NO.MERCY, Tour Avatar and MBC’s television show –  “God of Creation” –  before joining VAV; he is also a former trainee of Starship Entertainment and Face Entertainment. He is a singer, main rapper of the group, dancer and visual.


Jacob is a singer and rapper who was born on September 7, 1996, in Huibei, China. His real name is Jang Peng and he is an only child. He started out as a model before developing his music skills further. The musician can also speak the English, Korean and Mandarin languages fluently. In 2017, Jacob starred in a movie titled The Dreamer on the Catwalk, making that his acting debut. He loves street dancing, skateboarding, swimming, and playing basketball.


Lou is a rapper and songwriter. He writes most of the team’s rap lyrics alongside Anyo. He was born in South Korea on December 21, 1996, and lived for a long time in the US, before moving to the Philippines with his family when he turned 18; his real name is Kim Ho-sung. He loves acting and has appeared in a web-based drama on Youtube titled Lemon Car Video.


Park Hee Jun, also known by his stage name Ziu completes the 7 member list of VAV. He was born in South Korea on June 16, 1997, and that makes him the Maknae (youngest member) of the group. He featured as a trainee for 5 years with Face Entertainment before he joined VAV.

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Facts And Everything To Know About The K-pop Group

VAV Is An Acronym

The name of the group is VAV, and it’s an acronym for Very Awesome Voice – which is a good reflection/description of the group.

Pioneer Members Of VAV

VAV was originally made up of 7 pioneer members which included St. Van, Baron, ACE, Jacob, Xiao, Zehan and Gyeoul. Between June 2016 to January 2017, 3 members – Xiao, Zehan, and Gyeoul (and in that order) left the group. They were replaced in February 2017 by new members – Lou, Ayno and Ziu, who are still very much part of the group.

Debut Album

The group made its debut on November 2, 2015, when they released their EP titled “Under the Moonlight“. The album was a joint production collaboration between their agencies, A Team Entertainment and CJ E&M. They have gone on to release no less than 4 more albums as a group over the years.


At the 7th Thailand Daradaily Awards in 2018, the group won the Best Performance Award.

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